Convertible Bearcat

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Nov 30, 2008
I have run across a near new Bearcat Convertible but only gun felt bag and cylinders. No box. I have not seen any sell without box and docs. What is gun worth. Also what are the serial number ranges for the Conv. Bearcats. Just want to make sure this is the real deal.
Dec 11, 2002
from what we recall it was in the 93-0500 to 93-01944 range and this was in the early RENE guide, and I had noted it here by the computer, as my wife had about 6 of them over the years, all early 3 digit guns but alas she never kept any, only wanted the older Bearcats and Super they are worth a lot more than she had sold any of hers for............ :roll:
new in box, they have run almost $1200, last we sold was in the $900 range and it was "as new" in the box. Remember trading one for a pair of Vaqueros at one time also........ :wink:
Oct 24, 2007
The new RENE Price Guide that just arrived has that gun at $1350 in "collector condition". Assume that this would include the proper box since this is a New Model.



Jan 10, 2008
As just about all of the guns that I have seen sold over the last few years have the box and papers with them, and were mint. And if you are buying it for an investment, I would not buy any convertible Bearcat without all the accessories. Now if I was buying it to shoot then I would want to buy it without the box because I could use that to get a cheaper price. After all shooting it and carrying it in a holster will put wear on it and reduce the collector value, so when you go to sell it you will not get the high price that a Mint-in-the-box gun would. So you would need to buy it as cheap as you can.

Beaver Creek

Jul 10, 2005
You may want to check the mag cylinder to make sure it's original to the gun. I only have one at this time but it has the last 2 digits of the S/N scribed on it's face. I don't believe the cylinders ever came in the felt bags. All I have seen was in a small plastic bubble pack. Incidentally, the inner boxes have no end labels. All identifying info was only on the shipper.