Brimstone trigger job

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Jun 19, 2006
I picked up a like new laminated 10/22 at my LGS that dates to year 2000. It was priced at $200.00, so I felt obligated to rescue it. Had a typical heavy, heavy trigger pull. Usually I install a Volquartsen hammer in mine, but I didn't have one in stock. Put my last one on my 10/22 Take Down. So instead of ordering another, I decided to send the trigger group off to Brimstone for their tier 3 trigger job. Very fast return time, and good communications from them.

They did a very nice job and the trigger feels about identical to my other 10/22's with the Volquartsen innards, and maybe a bit better. They also cut the bolt release so you can just pull back on the charging handle to release it. With this extra work, the cost was probably just a bit cheaper than ordering the parts. I'm pleased with the result.

Another plus is that I have had a couple hundred rounds of Remington Vipers that none of my other 22's shot well. This gun loves them along with CCI MiniMag HP's..