SOLD APOCALYPSE Revolver in BOTH 9mm and 38 Special LONG-RANGE Target Shooter

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Feb 22, 2023
Smith and Wesson Model *DUAL CALIBER* 10-5 Practical Police Combat Competition
38 Special, 9mm

I really hate to see this one go. It has the best trigger out of all my revolvers. A very smooth 6.5# double-action and crisp light switch 3# single-action trigger. THIS THING SHOOTS FAST and ACCURATE. The heavy slab-barrel keeps the muzzle down and is bullseye accurate at 50yds. Weighing in at 53 oz. it is built like a tank! I had it completely upgraded and converted to 9mm, so it can shoot 38 special and 9mm! A perfect apocalypse gun for the ages. I am selling off my unicorns slowly to fund some work I need done, and this one is next in line. It has less than 200rd down the pipe. It is C&R so it can be shipped to your FFL or processed locally as a C&R sale.
  • S&W Model 10-5 PPC 6-inch heavy slab-barrel $2000
  • Bomar Fully-Adjustable Sight rib $150
  • Hogue Extended Cylinder Release $100
  • Hand-carved Wooden Target Big Butt grips $120
  • Sagisi cylinder release cerakote $25
  • BMT mooner K9-6 with 5 moonclips $150
  • TK 9mm cylinder conversion $350
  • S&W Action Job $300
  • Power Custom S&W Extended Hammer Nose $40
TOTAL: $3,235
SALE PRICE: $1,850




Buyer pays shipping, all sales final. Zelle, PayPal F&F, or Venmo accepted.
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