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I'm always bringing stuff home with me that I have no earthly use for. This hand made cartridge slide is the latest example, but something about the recurring bear theme appeals to me.

Although it's pretty primitively made, someone took some care with it. The bears are pretty much equidistant from each other, and the cartridge loops are made from one strip of leather, hand sewn to make each individual loop. You can't see it in the photo, but each rivet has the number 44 stamped on it. The edges of the leather are rounded and burnished, and you can still see a faint decorative groove carved around the edges.

There's art here, and craftsmanship. Maybe some old hunter made it in his spare time. Or maybe someone's wife made it as a gift to her husband. We'll never know. I'm sure this old piece of leather has some stories to tell. I'd sure love to hear 'em.


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