50th Anniversary Single Six "PIC ADDED"

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Jul 21, 2008
A little while back I bought a MKII and a 50th Anniv. Single Six from my sister and law that were my brothers when he was alive. They have been sitting in a safe this whole time NIB. I bought them sight unseen as she needed some money. The MKII was in great shape but I cant say the same for the SS. Upon first look I thought it just had a little surface rust on the front sight and the cylinder. A few days later I got into it and was disappointed to find the cylinder was almost rusted tight in the frame. I got out some emery paper and steel wool and went to work. The barrel bore somehow had escaped such fate. Got it all cleaned up and reblued it with Perma Blue Paste. Had to go over it about 4 times but it came out looking pretty good. The grip frame had flaking on the side it laid on and I didnt want to mess with that new whatever they call it coating that gets used on them now and replaced the the old frame with a New Vaquero blued frame and strut assembly. I went ahead and put a steel ej housing on it to. I worked on the sears a little but it still has a little creep that I want to get rid of yet. Today it went to the range for the first time and put 150 rounds of CCI Mini Mag HP's thru it. Kept a constant 1.0" groups at 15 yds. off hand until I started getting sloppy and it shoots right on point of aim. Really nice balance with the steel parts. I am pleased after having a little disappointment at first.

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