SOLD 41 cal MP mold, bullets, sizer, gas checks Lot

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Dec 2, 2021
Tyler TX
Would like to sell as one lot. I think all of this will fit in a small flat rate box which costs about $10 in continental US to ship.
I bought this stuff to try in Ruger no1 450/400ne 3" but not excited about the light bullet accuracy. I have 350 400gr Woodleighs so just going to run those.
The mold is MP 41 265ts gc. Solid. Gas check. The .416 gas checks are what mp told me to buy. There are about 350 remaining in the bag? I didnt keep track of all the bullets I cast and remelted. Mayve i used more than I remember. The lee push through sizer is .410 but I think it actually leaves them about .411 based on my measuring tools. There are 92 hornady xtp .410 210gr. I made 2 dummies and fired 8. The two pulled dummy ones are part of the count.
Im asking $100 shipped for the lot shipped.


New- The mold runs about 80 plus shipping, the bullets 35 or so for 100.
I will probably put the xtp bullets in a ziploc bag to save room in the shipping box. Just an fyi.
Im asking $100 for the lot shipped.
Payment check, mo. I dont want to pay fees to paypal. Im in Tyler TX.

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