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    SP with some Badgers

    Thanks guys. I did not have the pin installed. I was able to corretct the problem by loosening the grip screw, aligning the two halves, and tighening the screw again. Everything seems fine now.
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    SP with some Badgers

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    SP with some Badgers

    I like the factory grips too, except that they allow my middle finger to be mashed by the back of the triggerguard with each shot.
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    SP with some Badgers

    Thanks for the insight Bacon. It's always good to find another who knows the virtues of the rubberband.
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    My New SP101

    Great looking revolver. Did the porting change the point of impact?
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    My Three Sons

    That's a beautiful thing.
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    Jeweling, yeah or nay?

    I'm told jeweling actually serves a purpose on interior parts. It helps hold oil in place. The gunsmith I work with jeweled the front of my cylinder. Now my SP looks like a New Orleans pimp gun.
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    SP with some Badgers

    Hey Harry. I haven't yet shot the gun with these grips. I shot last Thursday and got the grips Friday. My only concern is the grips are pretty slick. I may end up putting some rubberbands or tennis racket tape around the grip fo better traction. If the guns rotates backwards, at least there...
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    SP with some Badgers

    I agree. I like laminated grips. Less likehood of cracking IMO.
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    SP with some Badgers

    Got these Badgers last week. Very nice feel, except for a slight mismatch of the two halves of the grip. It may be I can just uninstall and reinstall with an eye toward lining the halves up better. Otherwise, a little sanding will resolve. These are much more concealable than the Hogues I...
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    Hammer or No Hammer?

    I had the hammer on my SP bobbed and the gun converted to DAO.
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    fresh leather for the Security Six

    Fine holster. I once had one for a S&W 4506.
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    Let's see some 1911's!

    I see some good, honest working guns here. I sure wish I had one.
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    Colt Python?

    I had two. Shot them both and then sold them for a song. I was too young to realize what I had.
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    My New Baby: 60th anniversary MkIII

    Very pretty.