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      nffred replied to the thread Medicare supplements.
      A couple of years before my mother passed, a 'representative" from Humana called her and unbeknownst to me set up an appointment to come...
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      nffred replied to the thread Contender question.
      My favorite barrel, as well. One of my great regrets (one of many) is being at a gun show years ago and passing on a Winchester lever...
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      nffred reacted to 2Late45's post in the thread Things look a little brighter today..... with Like Like.
      Where ever two or more are in agreement...
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      nffred replied to the thread Stupid 1960's Western TV shows..
      In all fairness with a nod to the times in which these were filmed, there were only a minuscule amount of historical aficionados who...
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      nffred replied to the thread The Blue Book.
      Absolutely - lot of good information in there. As far as pricing goes . . . meh . . . that dead horse has been flogged . No one who...
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