WTS Ruger and misc stuff Part 2 - New Additions & some Lower Prices

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Nov 9, 2007
Sun City, AZ
PART 2. Part 1 reached the picture max of 20.
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In Dec I shut down my gun business and have a bunch of misc stuff from the shop sitting around collecting dust. Time for it to go to someone who can get some use and/or enjoyment out of it. This is just the beginning and more will be added. There is gun related, attention getters and some excellent dust collectors, hope you can find something that jerks your your chain.

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1st I'll Take It posted here followed by PM

Thanks for looking

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17. 22 Mag nickel plated cylinder Unk make 1.611 OAL $15.00 shipped

18. Ruger New Model base pins. 2 Blackhawk, 1 Single Six. Can also be used in Old Models $10.00 each shipped $20.00 shipped for all 3

19. Vietnam era US Officers hat insignia. $10.00 shipped

20. Grips with screw. Package says Redhawk, excellent condition $20 shipped SOLD/Shipped

21. Special Forces De Oppresso Libre Christmas Tree ornament $15.00 shipped

22. Itty bitty Sharps Rifle, 5" long. If you collect clutter for your office you'll love this. 45/70 round NOT included $7.00 shipped

23. Base Pin, unkown make 4.5" OAL $8.00 shipped

24. Bushmaster 30 Round AR Steel Mag. New in the package. Have 2. $30.00 shipped for both SOLD/Shipped

25. Pocket Guide to Ruger Rimfire Pistol Standard & MkI - 1949-1982 by Don Findley, 2005. 4x6 inches, 23 pages. AS NEW $25 shipped SOLD/Shipped

26. Old Model & New Model misc parts lot. $30 shipped SOLD/Shipped

27. Dugans Pocket Guide to Single Action Revolvers, 1953-73 original 1991 edition. Excellent Condition 26 pages $25 shipped SOLD/Shipped

28. Fjestad Blue Book Pocket Guide to Rugers, 2013. Excellent condition with a few orange highlights. 4.24x7", 96 pages $15 shipped

29.. Tri-Jen Auxiliary sub caliber 32 S&W Long in the original box with instructions from the early part of the last century. Rare find don't miss out. $40 shipped SOLD/Shipped

30. Ruger Six Series walnut grips with screw. $18 shipped SOLD/shipped

31. 9mm 15 round mag unknown make $10.00 shipped SOLD/shipped

31. 2ea HKS 10A Revolver Speed loaders, 38 Special, 357 Magnum. Fits Charter Arms, Dan Wesson, Rossi 851, 951, 971, S&W 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, Taurus 65, 66 (6-Shot), 80, 82, 606. Never used $15.00 shipped for the pair

32. Ruger Old Army nipple wrench envelope. Flap is taped. $4.00 shipped

33. ELGIN US Army AC Watch-Navigation, Ground Speed, Type A-8, SN 43-8010, Ord No W535 A.C 24588, Spec. NO. 94-27749, MFGR Part No. 1778. Non-working but cool old WWII nav watch. Crystal has popped out and can not be wound. Case in excellent condition and all specs readable. $15.00 shipped SOLD/Shipped

34. Chiappa 1911-22 10 round mags. These 2 mags are brand new, never used. $15.00 shipped for both

35. Fjestad Fifth Edition Blue Book of Gun Values, 1984. Excellent condition with expected 38 yr old yellowing. $20.00 shipped

36. NEW WTS: Ruger P85 factory magazine, 9MM, 10 Rounds, Blue Steel. Also fits P89 / P93 / P94 / P95. $15.00 shipped SOLD/Shipped

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Feb 9, 2008
If number 33 (ELGIN US Army AC Watch-Navigation) is still available I will take it. PM to follow.