WTS***Millet Sight Gunsmith Repair Kit***

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Jan 15, 2007
The Sticks---N.W. Orygun
If you have been around Millet sights at all, or been searching for these or in need of parts, this is for you. I bought this from some pretty lousy pictures, but have been hunting high and low for the series 100 sight for my Redhawks. When it arrived the lid was open and nothing was in baggies. It was a huge mess of tiny parts. I spread everything on the table and started sorting into zip locks. I was able to put together 1 rear sight for a Redhawk and gave up. Lots of these tiny parts require tweezers to even pick up, let alone assemble a complete sight. I paid $150 for it and have a bunch of time in building a single set of sights. It is time too move these to someone that has more patients and steady hands than I do, and younger eye balls would be a big plus. I am hoping that someone will need these and appreciate what is here and put it to good use. There is also a bunch of paperwork that might mean something too a smith that knows what he has. Some of the paperwork has a date of 1999, and includes a business card from the local Millet sales rep.
$135 Shipped in a flat rate box.

Please PM with questions or to request more pics.

This last pic shows the complete sight I was able to put together for my Redhawk. I believe there is enough parts to build 1 or 2 more of these. The last one I found was on an auction and I paid $135 + shipping for it. This gives you an idea of how tough these are to find. I have no idea what the rest of the stuff is or what it might fit. To the correct person I believe this is a small gold mine.