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Jan 15, 2007
The Sticks---N.W. Orygun
First things first:
1) USPS has raised the price of the small flat rate box to $10.40. I will add this onto each holster for shipping but will also list a BUNDLE BARGAIN with each selection based on what I can fit into the box.

2) I don't do any of the electronic payment methods, but I do accept cash, USPS MO, and even a check if you appear to not be the shifty type that will stiff me over the price of a holster.

3) Please call out what you would like in a reply post so that others know what has been spoken for.

4) Please send me a PM with what you want and include your shipping info so I can have them boxed up and ready to go when payment arrives. If you would like a photo of the receipt with tracking info, please include a number I can text to.

5) I have given you some decent pics showing the markings and condition. I have also given my best guess on what each will fit. This is no guarantee that this will fit what you want it to fit exactly like you want it to. If you have questions or need more pics, please ask via PM and include a number I can text to.

First up is a trifecta of North American Arms holsters. I have no idea what models these will fit but all are marked NAA. If you have to have a single, it will be $15 +$10 for shipping.
BARGAIN BUNDLE---Take all 3 for $50 shipped.

K-Frame Holsters

On the left Bianchi #5 Black Widow 4" Med/LG Revolver
$35 + $10 shipping

Center is LEFT HAND Bianchi Holster S&W K #5B
$35 + $10 Shipping

Right is Hunter 1100 28
$30 +$10 shipping

BARGAIN BUNDLE $105 for all 3 Shipped

J-Frame Holsters
See the bottom for BUNDLE BARGAINS on J-frame holsters.

Bianchi 7/7L Small frame 2" revolver
Someone did a custom cut on the retention strap. I assume this was for better rear sight clearance.
$35 +$10 shipping

On the left, Gun Gear S&W 2C
$35 +$10 shipping

SPF On the right, Galco leather is marked SPD122 Retention is adjustable and my 642 fits nice and snug in this one. Nice rig I was tempted to keep.
$35 +$10 shipping

On the left, I can't read the top but center says Maker and below is St Cloud FL This is a LEFTY and my 642 fits nicely.
$35 +$10 shipping

SPF On the right, Aker J 2 so assume J-frame and 2" with around the trigger guard retention.
$35 +$10 shipping

On the left, Hunter leather laced marked only with an ink printed 6
$50 +$10 Shipping--- Too High---try to find another one of these.

On the right, Brauer Brothers that someone did some custom cutting on. My 642 fits this real nice and with enough room for a 3" barrel.
$35 +$10 shipping

The only bargain on the laced Hunter we will need to talk about, and would include you buying others along with it.

All other J-frame or K-frame holsters will be any 2 for $75 shipped, or any 3 for $105 shipped.
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