WITHDRAWN Reeder modified Marlin 1894 44 mag

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Joe S.

Feb 4, 2011
Central MS

Gary Reeder put this together for me. Specs are:
- Take off Marlin cowboy barrel cut to 16.625 inches and threaded with octagon thread protector made. Sights were remounted. Slight nick in the thread protector was here when it got home.
- Action job.
- Factory wood stripped and refinished.
- And his signature high polish bluing.

Full disclosure: 1) A suppressor doesn't fit as is. It will need a thread extension such as made by Hughes Precision or something similar made to extend the threads out. No big deal if you don't plan to run a suppressor or don't mind the extension. Could possibly also add a suppressor mount to it and use a QD mount. When he did the work, he was expecting me to install a muzzle brake. I didn't think of telling him I wanted to use a suppressor and he didn't ask. There is a scuff in the end cap made from my suppressor before I realized the mag tube was too long. 2) He reused the factory wood, which is mostly free of dents, but there are a couple. No cracks, but the metal does stand a little proud on the tang. 3) The octagon end cap does not perfectly line up with the contours of the octagon barrel with it screwed down tight. Need to back it off about a auarter turn and it does fine.

Base rifle was made in 1976.
Asking $2,300 $2100, shipped and insured to your dealer from me, an individual.

With this rifle, you can get a Reeder customized rifle without the year wait , which is how long I waited for this one.
Round count since having the work done is two rounds.
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