SOLD Security Six for SP101

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Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
My customer has facilitated a trade that he is happy with so the Security Six is NO LONGER ON THE MARKET.

I have a customer who is looking to trade a Stainless 4" Security Six for a 2 1/4" .357 SP101.

Details: 1982 Security Six, 4" barrel, stainless, .357 Mag, upgraded Garza rear sight, factory and Sile grips, Speedloaders (don't know how many, I'll find out), some common spare parts. Serial Number 158-267XX in very good condition

Swap for a similar condition SP101, 2 1/4" barrel, .357 Mag

Edited to add: He just contacted me and said he would sell it and all the extras for $700 plus shipping in any state where it is legal to own.

Contact me here, I'll be acting as the go between and will give you his info so you can converse with him directly if needed.
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