ran lc9 and xdm 9c today

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Nov 8, 2009
Moline Illinois
i just had to try them both on the same day. 50 rounds threw both started with the little lc9, didnt do half bad with it, aiming at a 1/2 size silhouette target at 10 yards. composite of 5-6" head and center mass groups with all 50 rounds. ive only shot 3 clips threw the gun prior and was pleased, no shots fell off the scoring area of the target. then i switched to the xdm c 9mm, which has a pretty decent trigger btw. i did horrible the first couple mags and had a hard time settling down and shooting at the same pace and accuracy as i did with the lc9.i had 3 or 4 shots off the scoring area completely, i knew it was me and i took a little time reloading the mags, settled down and more or less halved the groupings after that i had with the initial two mags. i was actually starting to punch holes in the bull with it by the last 10 rounds of the 50 i shot.

couple conclusions i had afterward, one is that the lc9 shoots exactly as well as you could probubly expect from a gun this size and i didnt feel the trigger pull was at fault for accuracy and a full size human at 10 yards would not of stood a chance. mostly i was shooting for getting the feel of the trigger and getting a consistant hold shot to shot, i had no problems with muzzle flip and shot fairly fast strings. 2 pause 2 pause etc.
the other conclusion i had regarding shooting the lc9 then going to the xdm was compensating for the long da pull of one gun takes a little effort to overcome when going to the xdm. i know thats why i had such a time with that first 2 clips. and might be something to consider if both get carried alternating from xdm carry when days are cooler and jackets are in order vs the lc9 which could be a light hot weather gun. obviously a box or two of ammo shot to re familiarize with a gun prior to carry if one has been carrying one with a totally different trigger feel.
lastly the xdm did shoot really well when i started getting my head around the trigger again, lol. i did almost drop its mag in the second clip. might of been my hold was thrown off again shooting the lc9 might be hazardous to shooting the xdm. accuracy last couple clips was on par with my sr9`s which is imo very very good. i prefer the short mags 13 rounds in the xdm c and use the finger rest extenstions on them, the lc9 i prefer the standard mag plates to the finger rests as the gun doesnt fit my had well with them.
all in all a good experience and learned a bit about both guns and my own abilities with them. especially how getting a little used to the lc9`s pull by some few rounds of shooting and some dryfire practice helped to shoot the little 9, but detracted from the xdm initially. i dont know if there would be the same effect if shot in reverse order xdm first. in any case will be re aquainting myself with whichever one i plan to carry and obviously more range time is in order .