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May 10, 2022
Peters Colony, Republica de Tejas
Hi from the Peters Colony, Tejas (aka McKinney, Texas). My ancestors moved to Texas in 1842, so I am a son of the Republic of Texas. All true Texans were weened by sucking on a .45 long Colt bullet.

I still own the very first firearm I ever shot...a Savage .22/.410 that my grandfather taught me to shoot when I was 4, and which he willed to me when he died in 1978. I've owned many firearms since, but that one is special. My other special gun is a 1911 in .38 short, built in 1923 and given to me by my father's cousin (who was born in 1923 and gifted the gun by his father upon joining the Navy in 1941). My own son, a career Army Blackhawk now has that gun, but we shoot it whenever we meet at an outdoor range near Waxahachie, TX (half way between McKinney and Fort Hood).

I have 4 wheel guns: two Ruger .357 mags (an SP101 2 1/4" and a GP100 3"), and two S&Ws (a 4" 44 mag. and a 4" .357 Highway Patrol model). I own three 1911s - one Kimber 5" 10mm and two .45 acp Springfield Armory pistols - one 4" and the other 5." I have assorted S&Ws in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 acp and 10mm, and one Glock (I mean, who doesn't have at least one to remind him why he doesn't have more). And finally, I have 3 AR-platformed long guns - an 18" .556 CMMG, an Aero Precision 20" .308 and another AP in 6.5 CM - and the aforementioned .22/.410.

So I enjoy guns; shooting them, cleaning them, learning about them and (for the 1911s and ARs) modifying/upgrading them. Before my son wen into the Army (2003) he and I were long distance motorcycle riders (a 1,400 miles-in-24-hours Iron Butt run, a 4,600 miles-in-six-days ride from DFW to the 4-corners area in SW Colorado/SE Utah, and frequent weekend trips to the Holy Trinity in Central Texas west of Kerrville, TX) - my son on his Aprilia Tuono (a liter bike)and me on my Honda Blackbird "Dos Equis" (i.e. CBR 1100XX. But then my son was inducted, and I had a L3-L4-L5 vertebrae fusion - a malady emanating from an accident in the jungles of Northern Thailand while I was in the USAF (1969-1973).

My next avocation, upon retirement (I was a CPA and forensic accountant/expert witness in civil and criminal matters) was my 2002 Corvette. But after gutting and rebuilding the interior (900 watt amp and nav head unit) and dramatically improving the power train (600 rwhp) and suspension (coil-overs, etc.), I've run out of Corvette projects. So...on to guns.

When I get into a hobby I go all the way. The good news about guns is that the cost of entry is fairly low, but the amount to be learned for each weapon is significant. Thus, I become conversationally competent on one firearm, then move on to the next. Since my Rugers are both recent additions, I'll be pestering members of this forum while as I learn more about these indestructible tanks.

Hope I didn't bore you. Thanks for letting me in.

[Curious thought- Knowing how much Texas like to brag, I've often wondered: does Texas have the biggest or the smallest midgets?}