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Sep 7, 2022
I have since I was just a boy, owned firearms. Though never in the military, many of my ancestor's uncles and brothers, and sisters have been. My great-grandfather was in the civil war, and four of my uncles fought in the Second World War. If it was not for them and the multitudes of brave men and women, our freedom would have been forfeited.

Then, in approximately the year 1998, the powers-that-be in the state (MA) I live required fingerprints of anyone who wanted to have a firearm license. I did not want the government to have my fingerprints, it was none of their business whether I did, or did not own a firearm. If they ever decided to target me for their power-hungry selfish ends, it would give them control I did not want them to have. Therefore, I made the decision to not get fingerprinted, and being a law-abiding citizen got rid of my firearms.

However, somewhat recently, I came to the realization that the government since then has obtained so many new powers and new ways of tracking any citizen that having my fingerprints were all but moot. Furthermore, violence has increased significantly in the last few years, so much so, even the town and surrounding areas I live in have been critically affected. This once peaceful haven is no longer peaceful as it once was. If society goes off the rails, my family and everyone I know will be considered open-season for evil thugs. In addition, the NYSRPA v. Bruen of June 23, 2022 decision gave me hope that was lost for so long that our God-given-rights that have been whittled away by those who want law-abiding citizens unarmed would be restored, so I decided to get my LTC (License To Carry) and was approved September this year 2022.

To be able to have a least a fighting chance to protect my family if evil enters our lives. And yes, To be able to enjoy the sport of plinking, and target shooting again. Pleasures I regret to have given up these so many years ago.

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