FS: PSL Romak-style buttstock for AK

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Jun 6, 2011
Czech Republic
Selling my PSL-style AK buttstock. Laminated wood, w/o surface paint or polish (just slight wax wiped, should be easily sanded if you desire to apply polish on it). Metal buttpad with hidden spring absorber, just like the original. Very comfortable to shoot. Sling loop, works for right and left. Mounts to regular AK receiver with rear tang. Warning, this stock is not for folks who requre long stocks! It's rather short, making the rifle nicely compact. Worked well for me, being just long enough to meet the eye relief of POSP scope.
Had it on my Saiga 308 for a while, now switching to modern stock.
This stock doesn't utilize regular pistol grip nut, so if you're converting your Saiga, you don't need to cut a hole for it.

Also selling bolt-on handguard retainer for Saiga 308, allowing to mount regular AK handguard on your rifle (I had AKM handguard that required removing some wood to fit the barrel base. Will add it for free with the retainer, though it's slightly split on one side (good wood glue will take care of it). Will NOT fit smaller caliber AKs nor shotgun Saigas, 308 only. US made.

See it all here:

Stock: $35
Handguard retainer: $25

Ships from Czech Republic, AFAIK there's no restriction to ship these items worldwide. Estimated postage to USA ~$30-40 for the stock, about 15-20 for the retainer sent separately. Paypal accepted.
Accepting P-series (namely P89) spareparts in trade, those that are legal to ship from your side - springs, pins and such. Anything but barrel, slide or frame is legal on my side, even magazines (got enough of them though).
Also looking for HSGI Taco mag pouches and Magpul 1-2point sling.