FS: 1" Ruger Factory Rings - Edited: Price drop - *SOLD*

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Oct 29, 2005
NH - 10 Min. From the Factory Gate
Both **SOLD** Stick58 Thanks!

Set #1: Good condition, gloss same height high rings with Torx® head ring screws. There is some finish missing from inside the rings, but the outsides are just fine. Marked "5". For 77/22-17, Super Redhawk, No. 1., Minis. $25 mailed.

Set #2: Very good+, satin stainless same height medium rings with Allen head ring screws. Old model KS100RM. Would be "4" sized under Ruger's new nomenclature. For 77/22-17, Super Redhawk, No. 1., Minis. $30 mailed.

Please use the EMAIL address listed under "Occupation" in my profile. If you post "I'll take it" in the thread, EMAIL me, too. PMs replies will be delayed since they can't be answered when I can't access this site.
Cash, USPS money order, bank issued checks or money orders preferred. P² + fees. Shipping will be delayed while personal checks clear. Thanks for looking.