Custom Remington Rolling Block

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Mar 21, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming
For sale is an original #5 Remington Rolling Block action that was sent to gunsmith John King to build into a sporting rifle. The #5 is the smokeless version and there were three models, this came from the second model made from 1901 to 1910. John installed a 1X18 twist Badger barrel and chambered it for 45-90. The action was modified to be octagon on the top and trigger worked on to reduce it to around 3 pounds. Both stocks were cut and shaped by John. Lots of other work done and I have the paperwork. Case color on the action and buttplate and all other parts are rust blued.

Overall length is 45.5" with a 13.75" pull. Barrel is 1.125" at the breach and .980 at the muzzle. Tang sight is an Axtell #22 mid-range with elevation knob adjustment and Hadley eyecup. Front sight is Axtell #25 windage adjustable globe with one insert and a spirit level clip. No rear barrel sight dovetail and barrel is drilled for scope block with screw plugs. Barrel is stamped like the original Remington Rolling Blocks and the receiver has the original markings also. Weight is around 9.5 pounds.

Rifle was fired less than 50 times and is in excellent condition. An FFL is required and your dealer must accept from a private individual. Will ship for $3000. No electronic payments or trades. Contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.


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Nov 30, 2022
Modern Shooters can't conceive of shooting past point blank. The Spirit levels and rear sight poles was because they were accommodating up to 100' of bullet drop. That's a beautiful and amazing piece.