Convertible single action cylinder boxes

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Dec 3, 2021
I'm having fun. For sale cylinder storage boxes, why not have something nice to admire your extra cylinders in, other than a paper box hide off somewhere in your gun safe. I'm certainly not trying to make a fat profit here, just covering my cost enjoying what I'm doing. The wood is select American walnut, grown by Americans, harvested by Americans, cut up and assembled by an American. This is therapy to me.

A single cylinder box only $25.00 bucks.

A double cylinder box only $30.00 bucks

A triple cylinder box only $35.00 bucks

A quad cylinder box only $55.00 bucks, I'm working on a couple of them now

The box adornments $10.00 each

The Ruger base pins to hold the cylinders in place 10.00 each.

Shipping will be $17.10 bucks or less depending on where your fox hole is.

The adornments, you can request what I currently have as pictured in the last pic, or if you have something that you would like inlayed we can make arrangements. The pewter adornments I had to pay up for to get a killer horse and rider for my own 5 cylinder box, the grumpy Indian I have one, the cowboy boots and hat I have 2, we'll have to talk about the price for either. I've spent a lot of time searching the web for all three that I purchased they are not to be found out there, one and two of a kind. I think they would make a killer statement to your extra cylinder box placed in the center of the top.

If you need more pics or information just PM me.

Single IMG_2206 (002).jpg

Single IMG_2207 (002).jpg

Double IMG_2203 (002).jpg

Double IMG_2204 (002).jpg
Top adornment IMG_2198 (002).jpg

Top adornment FullSizeR (017).jpg