Any love for the Ruger .22 Bisley ? Mag Capable ?

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Jan 29, 2023
Frog Level, Tn.
I found a .22 mag cylinder on ebay, and took a chance on it. It fit right in my Bisley with a five thousandths cylinder
gap. I popped a note off to Ruger, since the Bisleys were only offered in .22LR to see if the barrel was compatible
with the WMR round, and it was good to go. Ruger is not offering the service of fitting a cylinder for the Bisley at this time.
I have three more Bisleys to get Magnum cylinders for family members, so I think I will go the after market route.
They are about half the price the original Ruger branded cylinders go for on the auction sights. Has anyone here tried them ? Please excuse the grease on the cylinder, I had not cleaned the grooves yet.
A pic....