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Dec 5, 2002
Idaho falls, ID
Up for consideration is an Alphabet Bearcat and a Boxed Standard 6". Price includes shipping from my local FFL to yours. All posted "I'll take it" have precedence over PMs. Any trade offers should be sent via PM (downsizing so not looking for many trades but it never hurts to ask). I do not accept electronic payment so money orders, or personal checks from long standing members. Please feel free to ask any questions through PM. I have multiple posts currently up so feel free to make offers on multiple items with the knowledge we can combine shipping; OM Blackhawks, Super Single Sixes, and RSS flat gates. I travel throughout WA, OR, ID, MT, and WY for work as well as occasionally into the Utah panhandle. I can deliver these to your local FFL and discount the shipping costs. Face to Face with Idaho residents is possible as well.

1. 1959 produced Alphabet Bearcat serial I824, I as in igloo. It sports its factory configuration and is in very nice condition. It comes in a Super Bearcat box. $650 $600 SOLD




2. 1976 produced RST6 Standard 6" tapered in original box. Gun is in pretty good shape with minor wear marks on the high spots, most likely from being in the box. I see no marking at all to signal if this is the original box to this standard but appears to be period correct for this model and date. Stamped " Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty". Box has some wear and weak spots on the edges. $360 Sold



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