SOLD 1 Ruger XR3 Red stainless grip frame

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Nov 3, 2007
Douglas, AZ, USA
I have for sale 1 Ruger XR3 Red stainless steel grip frame. Condition is excellent, I would say 85%, has some minor scratches, but we all know scratches on stainless steel can be easily cleaned up. These XR3 Red New Model stainless steel grip frames originally came on old style Vaqueros and Single Sixes. This grip frame will fit all New Model Blackhawks, Single Sixes, I think Wranglers too but not sure, and it will also fit both Old and New Vaqueros. I think if this is installed on a new Vaquero you will have to change the plunger and mainspring to Blackhawk/Old Vaquero style. I installed it on my Ruger Blackhawk New Model .45. It fit near perfect, so I never fitted it (did not do any filing or sanding) to match it to my frame. I had a two-tone look like the Arizona Rangers commemorative Ruger Blackhawk. Asking $85 shipped. I accept USPS money orders, personal check with slight shipping delay for clearance, and Zelle. Sorry, no PayPal.


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