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    Ruger MK II with 5.5" heavy bl

    Congratulations on your very first post, frogbern!
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    Component Prices and Time

    RCB, I’m just slightly ahead of you, timing-wise. My thought: gather enough components for a “comfortable“ stash, then refill that stash as you shoot it up, OR as you find the occasional “bargain.” Slowly build your component stash, OVER TIME. That’s how most of the long-time handloaders did...
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    Diesel and DEF???

    My mechanic said that DEF has a “shelf life,” at least once it’s been put into your DEF tank. No idea if he’s correct, nor does it really matter to me- it’s easy to follow his advice. His advice was this: run your DEF way down, before refilling it. In other words, don’t go “topping it off” with...
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    How about a MK II “snubbie?”

    Just ran across this gem, surfing the web: The front sight base looks interesting, maybe some detailed machining work, there? (Edit: I see now that the base was clearly added. Couldn’t see that last night, even...
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    Ruger MKII Question

    This post may be of interest: (sadly, pic link is gone) I remember that my local Cabela’s had a bunch of two-toned Rugers in their “Gun Library”, some years ago. IIRC there were MK II...
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    I've taken a hit, credit card wise........

    Re: debit cards… I don’t think that they’re necessarily any riskier than a credit card. You’d have to read the cardholder agreement, though. That makes for a good time! 🤭 I was in Utah on a motorcycle trip, when I tried using my debit card. Declined. A quick phone call to the Credit Union...
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    Good MK series reference books?

    I have two good reference volumes, there may be others. For the two that I have, you’ll want two copies of each. Your first copy will be full of drool, but you can keep your second copy nice! 😆 ”Encyclopedia Of Ruger Semi-Automatic Rimfire Pistols, 1949-1992” by Chad Hiddleson (Chet15 on...
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    Bearcat with adjustable rear sight?

    Here’s a Shooting Times profile on the Lipsey’s “Distributor Exclusive” adjustable-sight Bearcat, from December 2015: The adjustable-sight conversions from Alan Harton, Hamilton Bowen, etc. are MUCH “cleaner,”...
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    Single Six oddity

    Thanks, Coogs and Dan! Knowledge like this, and the sharing of that knowledge, iswhat make this Forum such a great place! I already knew “of” both of these facts, but couldn’t remember the details on the boxes. I didn’t even have to go looking…
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    7.5" Redhawk .44 mag.

    Well, I can’t explain how to do it, but I’ll stick that picture in here for you! 😆
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    Hand held sanders

    A couple of hand-held Sanders… 🤠
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    All I Can Say Is WOW

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    Ruger MKII Parts Gun Project Completed

    Awesome! I see the barrel and the receiver both have the infamous “Ruger paragraph.” Now you’re TWICE AS SAFE! :D I would probably have filed on the VQ sight, and left the dovetail as it came from the factory. Two different routes, to the the same place! 👍
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    Curiosity SWC Cowboy loads

    bisleyfan41- I think folks responding to “old” threads is being encouraged by the new(er) Forum software. If you look at the “Similar threads” box at the bottom of the page while reading a thread, all sorts of stuff is in there. I’m looking at your post from two days ago, and threads from...
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    This will make you cringe

    Perhaps Bad Barlow was referring to someone potentially quoting your post on the internet, caryc. That’s where I read the misinformation… ;) You posted something that was incorrect, and you owned it. If you edit the original post, maybe putting a disclaimer on it, it’s a non-issue, IMHO. I...

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