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    Buddy the Squirrel

    I only have 2 OM's. And I ain't parting with 'em!!! But I do have an old rusty barrel cocker pellet rifle..... 8)
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    30 caliber ammo can: Surprise!

    The 7.62 NATO and M14 have been around since the mid-1950's. Has M13 stenciled on the can.... that indicates linked ammo. Must be machine gun (M60) rounds. M80 Ball round is for use against personnel and unarmored targets. It has an unpainted bullet tip.
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    Buddy the Squirrel

    I would have called you... but I thought 800+ miles might be more than you'd want to handle.... and I'd want to pay!!!! :wink: 8)
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    Buddy the Squirrel

    Our squirrel season started in May... runs thru end of Jan. We eat them, but we don't start hunting them until we've had a couple of hard frosts in the fall. Same with rabbits. Its usually first part of November some time before we hunt 'em for the pot.
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    Buddy the Squirrel

    I live in a small town (pop. 2500). So I have to becareful when I shoot and in which direction I shoot. The feeder is on the front porch hanging from the porch overhang. Porch is 2 feet up from the ground. So can't use solid projectiles, I wouldn't even chance a .22 short round and .22 bird shot...
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    Buddy the Squirrel

    Went out a few days ago to fill my bird feeder and discovered the cylindrical mesh screen that holds the feed had been chewed on. I immediately knew the culprit was Buddy, our neighborhood tree rat. I didn't mind it so much that he'd help himself to a few sunflower seeds. Squirrels gotta eat to...
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    Post A Song You Like

    From back in my high school days. I've always liked it..... Fishin' In The Dark.... Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
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    Dang truck!!!! Help!!!

    I appreciate all the responses and suggestions. I tried several and the others.... heck, I don't get around too good... if I get down on the ground I need help getting up. I don't even do my own oil changes any more. When I find out what it is, I'll let y'all know!! Thanks again!!! 8)
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    Facebook and I...........

    I like FB. I've been able to reconnect with old friends from high school (the ones that were good friends then) and family that live in far away states. Admittedly FB is aggravating at times because I'm outspoken in matters of politics and end up in FB jail about every 6 months or so. The one...
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    Dang truck!!!! Help!!!

    No. My drive way and her sister's drive way are flat.
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    Dang truck!!!! Help!!!

    Wife got home from her weekly coffee with her sister and their friends. Parked our '02 Trailblazer in the driveway. I go out a bit later to run an errand and the dang truck is stuck in PARK. Can't get the shifter to budge out of PARK. It starts fine. :? I've NEVER had this happen before with...
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    RIP Jeff Quinn

    So very sorry to hear of Jeff's passing. He was a heckuva great guy... and an honest one. Have talked to him a couple of times and met him at the BIG Tulsa gun show a few years back. RIP, Jeff.
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    I like the 4 3/4"~4 5/8" barrel..............

    I have one of those... except its stainless. Never been fired, expect for factory proof. I'd consider selling it. Contact me via PM if interested.
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    One bank is buying your coins and paying over face value

    The two banks in my small town of 3500... both have coin counting machines. When my old 3 pound Cain's (coffee brand) metal can gets full I take it to my bank. They count for free (I'm a customer) and give me bills in return. Last time I got quite a chunk!!
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    Chinese dam collapse

    I've seen some Chinese made tools that were pretty sh*tty! And wouldn't touch them. On the other hand, I've seen some that were pretty decent. For anyone that just needs pliers, screw drivers and crescent wrench to keep in the kitchen "fix it drawer" or to loan out to the neighbors..... they...

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