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    Production of Vaquero and Blackhawks

    For the OP; Your question on adding a spare cylinder in .45 Colt. IN GENERAL,, yes,, it's actually easy. You measure the existing cylinder from your gun, for the overall length. (OAL) then, you look for a Ruger built, .45 Colt cylinder, with the same OAL, or even a few thousands longer. If it's...
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    Single Six serial number

    Nice FlatGate .22! As noted,, appears to be a Type 2, and with a 4 digit number,, made in 1954. As for value,, it appears to having "aged" a bit where the grip frame has grayed to a duller color, (unless it's the pictures,) and has a little wear in a few places. Without very clear & close up...
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    Ruger Customer service office closed ?

    That would give me nightmares hittman!
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    Thinking Back

    While I'm a bit younger than many above,, (born 1958), my Dad was born in 1918. He grew up in the Depression, and often spoke of many things he witnessed in his youth. I found it funny when Jim mentioned smoking. My Dad was a professional dancer as well as working in a mill prior to WWII...
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    New Model Blackhawk Bisley

    Everybody has a different hand shape & size. What works for one person, may not work for someone else. I teach; "Fit & Comfort" when it comes to a proper handgun grip.
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    Single Six serial number

    Hondo44 is correct. We'd need more info to help more.
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    God Bless America Happy Independence Day

    I received the John Wayne video in an email. I had seen it before,, yet it's STILL excellent. And the Lee Greenwood video,, that too, I've seen before. Yet,, I NEVER tire of seeing these (2) excellent performances,, done by TRUE Americans. Thanks for posting both of these,,!!!!!
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    Ruger Customer service office closed ?

    Possibilities; (1) Worker not in the office, and working at home. (2) Staffing shortage (3) Summer shut down for normal maintenance (4) Holiday staffing shortage
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    Fourth of July at the range

    Welcome to the Forum! Sounds like you had a great day! Kudos!
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    REVISED RUGER LTR. BKH-47> Flattop 44 OM buried at LGS

    After all this,,all I can say is that I would not have allowed that gun to sit in that LGS that long! Heck, anytime I see a FT Ruger I get the shakes & desires. :D :D
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    Ruger dragoon .44

    As noted above,, Ruger never called any of their models a "Dragoon." Yet, the Super Blackhawk does have what is commonly called a "Dragoon" style grip frame. If we have a serial number,, or at least most of it,, (example; 80-123xx) we can help a lot more if it is a Ruger. The factory site...
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    Among Nita's things........

    When I read that,, I'd like to think she was looking at that from the viewpoint of a Christian, forgiving someone, and willing to meet their dear departed.
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    The gunslinger effect

    RRM, you must have missed the part of my posts that said I was basing my comments upon YOUR posted information. You just added a lot more to the action where you were arrested & such. You were right,, I did not have all the facts,, AND I CLEARLY STATED THAT. In fact, in my previous posts, if you...
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    Three Screw Single Six

    Bob,, it's ALWAYS good to hear from you. (PS; We are all gonna be at OGCA in a few weeks. You should visit. Even if you don't display,, we'd LOVE to visit some more! Maybe RR, Dan, & I can coax you into another elevator,,! :D ) I think you'd be wise to just buy a Wrangler,, and after you get...
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    I know I'm late to the party,

    As noted above,, some movies are well worth the cost of seeing it on the big screen & in IMAX. This was one of them. And we may only go to one or two movies a year, as we also wait on many to be available on TV.

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