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Jan 25, 2013
Sheriff "Little Bill" Daggett: Look son, being a good shot, being quick with a pistol, that don't do no harm, but it don't mean much next to being cool-headed. A man who will keep his head and not get rattled under fire, like as not, he'll kill ya. It ain't so easy to shoot a man anyhow, especially if the son-of-a-Rosie O'Donnell is shootin' back at you.


Mar 29, 2017
With the question about nowadays cops being lousy shots vs back in the wild west. I have never seen anyone have stats on how many lawman got into shootouts or rounds fired and bad guys hit or killed. It may exist, if so someone can share. Going back to the 1980s and 90s. At a time lawmen mostly had 6 shot DA revolvers'. I was a dept firearms instructor. I followed much of the FBI shooting data and part of that is repeated on here and else where. For many years a average police gunfight was under 3 (2.4 -2.7) shots, about 3 yds distance and about 3 seconds long. We went to Glock 17s in 1991. I predicted to see the round count go up a lot due to the 17 rounds in the gun compared to only 6 before. Last time I paid any attention was about 12 years ago, now at a time when nearly all police use a semi auto handgun of some type. The round count was up to 4. something (under 5) shots as the average. Stats being just that, these do not reflect how of those gun fights resulted in death or injury of police or crooks, only how many rounds fired. Remember that's US average, so some will be more shots and some less.


Mar 17, 2022
Folks haves pushed the “one shot, one kill” mantra for years. Even in 1966 they told us at MACV RECONDO School (class 03) to use two M16 (XM16E1 then) rounds per target if possible. The MFVC and NVA carried their AK magazines (we seldom saw AKs in 1966-67) in front chest pouches and there was always chance of round being deflected. We thought it wise to listen to professionals.

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