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Jan 20, 2008
Orange County, CA
These are all used books but I don't try to sell any that aren't in very readable condition (and I sniff them to see if they are musty before I get them-- like too many people, I'm very allergic to mold....).

ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS ZIP CODES. I try hard to ship the next mail day after I get your payment.

I take cash, personal checks made out my first name (which isn't Mike), and all money orders. I DON'T TAKE PayPal, third-party checks, credit cards. or online payments like applepay.

To reserve a book or books, put an "I'll take book(s) #____" as a reply to THIS ad.

Please use PMs for comments and questions only--PMs don't work for ordering. Once you've given me an "I'll take it" here, I'll PM you with my legal name and mailing address for payment, mark your books SPF on the ad, and reply to you on this thread acknowledging your order and showing the books sold.

TAKE $1 OFF THE PRICE OF THE SECOND BOOK YOU ORDER AND ALL SUBSEQUENT ONES! (I get a postage break on multiple book orders, so I kick a bit back).

1) SPF"The Atlas of History's Greatest Military Victories" by Jerry Harwood.

2) "100 Turning Points in Military History" by Alan Axelrad. Another world history that includes 33 American "turning points" from the first battle by George Washington as a Royal Army officer in the French and Indian War to "The Bronze Soldier of Talinn," when "cyberspace became the new battlefield." The book explains how each "turning point" affected, or will affect, subsequent historical events. Axelrod has written many very readable histories including "Miracle at Belleau Wood: the Birth of the Modern USMC" and "The Gilded Age." HB 368 pp. new cond. illus w/b/w photos and index. $7

3) "George Washington's Secret Six: the Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution:" by Brian Kilmeade. Washington's secret intelligence network was so secret that one of its six main agents has never been identified and another was only disclosed in the 20th Century! And the "Culper Ring, as it was known by Washington's most intimate advisors, evaded Lord North's deadly spy catcher, none other than Richard Rogers, the leader and founder of "Rogers' Rangers" in the French and Indian War, whose guidelines OUR Rangers still follow! PB 235 pp. illus w/b/w repros of contemporary illustrations, paintings, and maps. $7

4) "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates" by Brian Kilmede. The war that started with a bunch of diplomatic stutter-steps and military staggers ended with some big bangs! America became a world power and the world got to know the USMC! PB 205 pp. exc./new cond illus w/color repros of old painted illustrations, maps. $5

5) "The Invasion of Canada, 1812-1813" by Pierre Berton. Bloody naval battles on the Great Lakes, bloody land battles between British regulars and native Americans and US forces, and a bloody US defeat back at the starting point of the invasion; the US invasion of Canada in the War 1812 was more than "a mere matter of marching," as Thomas Jefferson thought it would be. This Canadian author shows how it pushed the two countries even farther apart than they had been before it began. A part of the War of 1812 we have very successfully forgotten.... HB 363 p. exc. cond illus w/22 maps. $5

6) "The Sable Arm: Black Troops in the Union Army, 1861-65" by Dudley Taylor Cornish. History of the service of black troops in the Civil War, including their motives for serving, and their hopes and fears and those of their former masters--both those they fought, and those they served. Evaluates and describes their performance both in battle and in garrison. PB (U. Kansas Press) 358 pp. exc. cond w/index. $5

7) "Civil War Stories" by Ambrose Bierce. (FICTION) Sixteen stories by the famous satirist, war correspondent, and most important, twice badly wounded and decorated veteran of some if the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Bierce was the "Old Gringo" who disappeared in 1914 while covering the Mexican Revolution in northern Mexico. Several of these stories have been made into movies, plays, or television specials. PB 125 pp. exc. cond. w/bio of Bierce. $4

8) "Warriors in Uniform" by Herman J. Viola. National Geographic volume which chronicles and explains the history of Native Americans serving American armed forces from colonial times to the present. Serving on both the Loyalist and Revolutionary sides of the Revolution ("Between Two Fires"), Indian Wars ("The US Army as an Agent of Assimilation)," Fighting in WWI and WWII ("Fighting the Metal Hats"), Korea and Vietnam ("Fighting the Short Wolf Men"), and Afghanistan and Iraq ("Fighting the Curved Knives") are some of the chapter topics. HB 192 pp. new condition illus w/MANY b/w and color photos, native drawings, and color painting repros showing US Native American soldiers and scouts in many historical illustrations. A beautiful book. $6

9) "Enemy on Island. Issue in Doubt: the Capture of Wake Island, Dec. 1941" by Stan Cohen. The huge Japanese Wake Island invasion fleet took much longer than the Imperial General Staff had planned and cost them extremely heavy personnel and equipment losses, a classic "Pyrric victory" that gained them little--the island, bypassed after later US victories elsewhere, became a prison for the victors and a useful target practice range for US forces bound for missions closer to Japan. Unfortunately their failures at Wake caused the "victors" to treat captured Marine, Navy, Army, and civilian personnel from Wake extra cruelly in their long captivity. Softbound, 115 pp. new cond 8 1/2x11" format filled with historic b/w photos, maps, charts, and lists. $6

10) SPF "The War for Korea: They Came From the North" by Allan R. Millett.

11) "The Red Circle" by Brandon Webb, foreword by Marcus Luttrell. Navy SEAL's autobiography from SEAL training and sniper operations in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, to course manager for the SEAL sniper program, training, among others, Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle. PB 389 pp. exc. cond. illus w/b/w photos. $6

American Political History

12) "Zachary Taylor" by John D. Eisenhower. Taylor, whose term in office was cut by death to 1/3 the normal 4 years, was a "soldier's soldier" as shown by his rise from commission in 1808 to his hard service in the War of 1812 on the Northwestern frontier, his service in the Blackhawk and Seminole Wars in the 1830s, and his generalship in the Mexican War which won him the epithet "Old Rough and Ready" and led to his election as President. A slaveholder who opposed the expansion of slavery, he might well have been a moderate Southern voice to calm the coming storm.... Eisenhower is a very distinguished military historian, a retired Brigadier General, and of course the son of another victorious but moderate general/President. HB 189 pp. new cond illus w/notes, bibliography, and index. $5

13) SPF "Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense" by Dan Abrams and David Fisher.

"Outdoor Adventures"

14) SPF "Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West" by Stephen E. Ambrose.

15) "Gold Rush Glimpses III: Outlaws, Inspirations, Amusements" by Craig and Franklin MacDonald, original artwork by Bill Anderson and Milford Zornes. Short articles on Western gold rushes, mainly in CA and NV: 11 on well-known and obscure outlaws attracted to the supposed riches, 8 on inspiring individuals who got their starts in the gold districts (ever hear of Levis? Macys?), 8 on amusing yourself in a boom town ("watering holes," music venues, and a "grub guide"), one on boomtown headstone epitaphs, etc. Softbound 152 pp. 10x7" format illus w/drawings and color painted images of Gold Rush life by noted Western artists Anderson and Zornes. $6

16) SPF "Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter" by Theodore Roosevelt.

17) "White Oaks: Life in a New Mexico Gold Camp, 1880-1900" by Morris B. Parker. Autobiography of a young man whose family migrated from the green of the Finger Lakes of NYS to the brown desert mountains of New Mexico. All the details of how hard work made "hard money" in the gold and coal mines and out. Intro by C.L. Sonnichsen, noted Southwest historian. PB (U. AZ Press) 174 pp. exc.cond. illus w/b/w photos, maps, town plat repro. $5

18) "Young Men and Fire" by Norman MacClean. By the author of "A River Runs Through It," this chronicles the tragedy of the Mann Gulch Fire where fifteen elite USFS smokejumpers died in service on August 5, 1949 in Montana. A reality that is still very much with us. HB (U.Chicago Press) 310 pp exc/new cond. illus w/b/w photos, maps. $5

19) SPF "In Search of Famous Wrecks: Adventures of a Sea Hunter" by James Delgado, Foreword by Clive Cussler.

Thanks for reading my long post! DON'T FORGET to take $! off each book you order after the first one!

Mike Armstrong
Jan 20, 2008
Orange County, CA
Books #s 10, 13, 16, and 19 SPF to HAWKEYV28

Books #s1 and 14 SPF to WMB30

Thanks for bying my books again, guys! PMs to both of you after supper.

Mike Armstrong

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