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Sep 18, 2002
Well, we all know how 2020 & 2021 changed a lot of stuff all around us. That included the ability of many states & places NOT having a FoNRA event in those years. Normally, in my district,, which is 1/2 of NC,, called the western (or WNC) half,, we hold about 25 events annually. Well, the shutdowns affected the entire country. In some states,, there were NO events.
But,, 2021 we saw things turning around,, and more events were able to happen.
My 2021 event,, was severely cut back. We were only allowed 100 attendees for it, (State & County restrictions,) yet,, we still managed to raise a Net amount of $33,000.00.
Normally, we end the year of fundraising,, and hold a District grant fund workshop,, where we review all grants that were properly submitted,, and try & give out as much to each grant as we can. SADLY,, we always get requests well in excess of what we have to distribute.
Due to all the different things happening,, we didn't hold our 2021 grant workshop until yesterday.
We had almost $700,000.00 in requests,, while only having $272,000.00 available for distribution. BUT,,, in general,, we do not give out checks,, we have a list of products each grant applicant can work from to get items for their programs. Ammo, guns, targets, scopes, shooting mats, trap & skeet throwers, are but a FEW of the many things offered. Each applicant applies for a grant with a list of needed items.

Each District is allowed (1) delegate from each committee. I represent my committee. Miss Penny was asked long ago to be a neutral party & be the grant fund secretary.
We had 22 events in 2021,, and we had 18 people representing the District yesterday.
We had 91 grants to review,, and try & make sure we gave as much as we could to each applicant. But,, sadly,, cuts have to be made.

But, after 5 hours,, (with part of that being a break for lunch,) we were able to get it done.

It's a long day,, but each & every time we do this,, I leave knowing we are truly doing something to ensure that the shooting sports have a chance to continue being a part of our great Country,, ! By allowing youth & women to learn, compete, or experience some form of the shooting sports,, we are providing a future for all of us!

Now,, if ANYBODY here is on a committee,, or attends a FoNRA event,, and wants to learn more,, I'll do my best to answer any questions.

Or,, if you know of a 501c3 shooting program,, in your area,, and think they have a program that can benefit from additional items for their programs,, I can help guide you towards the grant application process. Especially if it's a new program just getting started & working with youth or women.

Lastly,, I encourage each & every grant applicant I talk to,, to get other people they may know with extra money that might enjoy attending a FoNRA event. The more people who attend an event,, AND spend money,, the more we have to distribute at the end of the year.

So,, when folks wonder what the NRA does,, this is but one part of the bigger program of the NRA,, fighting to assure the future of shooting. I enjoy my very small part of helping this.

This report is offered to help others see some of what the NRA does within the communities.
Dec 8, 2005
Good report Tyrone, I think many people just don't know exactly what the FoNRA does for the shooting community. I think people think the money just goes to the NRA to do with what they want, which IS NOT why the money is raised. The money stays in state and helps the groups who are involved with teaching, training, competitions for all levels of shooting.

You guys did a great job.


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Jan 16, 2008
Many also dont know who basically invented the Friends of the NRA.
Local guy to folks in my home area!

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