WITHDRAWN. Ruger Security 9 Compact 15 round magazine(s) with mag pouch(es)

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Jan 9, 2022
Garnett Valley, PA 19060
The magazines are 15 round Security 9 magazines with adapter sleeves that fit them to the security 9 Compact. So they can be used in both pistols if you have Both are like new and work properly the full size and compact models. These are Ruger O.E.M.

The magazine holsters are made by DeSantis, which has been making high quality leather products for over 50 years. The Ruger Dragin logo is embossed on the holsters.
The magazine holsters accommodate belts up to 1 1/2" unless the belt is very thick in which case it is going to accommodate a 1 1/4 inch belt. More intended to wear with a casual belt than a thick gun belt. The adjustable tension screw allows you to set the level of retention you prefer. These are meant to be worn on the left side, although they could be worn on the left side too.

A 15 round mag with the adapter sell online for about $34. The magazine holster sell online for about the same price. Buy new and your looking at $68 per set plus shipping. I am selling as follows. Prices include first class mail with tracking.

Buy one set for $50.
Buy both sets for $85.

PayPal, USPS money order, or personal check are OK. Shipping if paid by check will delay shipping until after the check fully clears, about 15 days.


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