SOLD WITHDRAWN: Kel-Tec P32 .32acp slide/barrel assemblies

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Mar 5, 2015
the Great State of Wide-open (WY)
WITHDRAWN (last one moved to auction site) - $-- shipped! Used KelTec P-32 top halves/complete slide assemblies (complete slide with barrel & recoil assembly). The P32 is a great little gun that's still getting top reviews - small enough to carry when you're wearing a t-shirt & shorts, and a proven, reliable design!

I really liked my P32! BUT I'm getting arthritis & that little slide was getting hard to rack, so I recently traded my 1st generation P32 for a Ruger Security-380 (which I'm also liking a lot!). SO I no longer need P32 spare parts (I personally think it's wise to have spares, since we've seen even Ruger discontinue support for older models).

I figured I would offer them here cheap for a few days, before listing them on an auction site, where they'll go for $40 or $50 plus shipping, tax & site fees.

TOP TO BOTTOM (see photos, parts are oily from storage):

A - SOLD 1st gen top half, with blued slide (includes the easy-to-lose recoil spring retainer that fits into the lower front of the slide)

B - 1st gen top half, with parkerized slide (also includes the easy-to-lose recoil spring retainer, attached to the slide in photo)

C - SOLD 2nd gen top half, with parkerized slide (front retainer machined as part of slide)







Just one ("B") left!

Some folks like to have one top half for carry, and and a different one for the range. Others keep one like new in the original box, and put the wear & tear on a used unit. If you reload, you might like one barrel for lead and a different barrel for jacketed. Or you might just think it's smart to have some critical spare parts!

If you don't know offhand whether your P32 is 1st or 2nd generation, look at the first photo: the 2nd gen slide (bottom) has a flat top, and an extractor that attaches to the slide with a bolt. And if you need additional close-up photos, let me know!

All of the bores are shiny, and I think they're all "good to go" (I used the blued 1st gen top half myself, before swapping to hard-chromed parts). Complete slide, barrel, and recoil system, dirt cheap, just $-- shipped!

Post an "I'll take it" (only "B "is left) & send me a PM! Payment by money order preferred (USPS if possible).

Thanks for taking a look!
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