Why a #1-V in 7mm mag?

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Oct 20, 2006
I found a used #1-V Varminter in 7mm mag that I'm considering (for some reason?), serial # 131-00XXX. The more I think about it, the more I'm wondering why a "Varminter" in 7 mag? Looks like these were made only for a couple years in that caliber/configuration so I'm figuring there's probably not lots of 'em out there - maybe that's why I'm drawn to it. Anyone have one of these? Are they really that scarce? Just not sure what good a #1-V in 7 mag would be.

El Numero Uno

Feb 21, 2006
Pidcoke, Texas, USA
Well, they are certainly not all that common. The reason for the 7mmRM and .300WM in a 1V? Some say it was for the Silhouette Competition that was popular in the '70's. I believe this serial# places this rifle at or near the last production run of the 7mmRM 1V's. They were in the Catalog for 7-8 years, so I would not call it rare, but certainly not common! If it is priced OK and turns your crank, get it. Most of this vintage had fairly nice wood.
Mine does, which is is 131-004xx.


Jun 29, 2006
Owyhee County, ID, USA
Certainly uncommon if not rare they seem to come and go in waves.

The 7mm Mag and the 300 Win Mag in the "V" were cataloged items from 1973 -1978.

Even though cataloged for quite a few years there aren't a LOT of either. I own both.

The idea that they were introduced about the same time a rifle silhuette took off in the USA holds up pretty well.

It also indicates a ongoing and continuing problem with Ruger and the #1 in particular. There were guys encouraging Ruger to bring them out for a couple of years. They hemmed and hawed and finally did. Just in time for the sanctiuoning body to outlaw cases on a belted magnum due to target damage.

Both would hole the targets all the way out to 500 meters with the right/wrong bullet.

They also make wonderful coyote rifles for that one that's way way out there. The recoil is stiff enough they aren't something you would want to set up in a PD town and blast away all day. On the other hand.

Actually the 7mm Mag "V" makes as much sense if not more than the early "AH" or "AB" non prefix 7mm Mags with a 22" light weight barrel. Now if you want to talk muzzle blast..................

If you COLLECT #1s and "V" in particular then the gun makes sense. On the other hand unless you do there are better varmint rifles certainly and there are better/lighter #1s to hunt with in #1 in 7mm Mag.

It's sort of the same story as the 7mm STW. It came out in 1991 and it really shined in a rechambered with a 26" barrel. Some of us begged Ruger to bring it out in a factory rifle. Of course they waited till 2004 to finally bring it out in the stainless/laminate "B" and by them the shiny new had worn off and they had dropped the SAAMI spec down to not much more than a standard 7mm Mag so it only lasted the one year, 2004.

One is always amazed at #1 chambering decisions. Lets see, we'll put the 218 Bee in the 9 pound+ "S" instead of the 6 pound and 4" shorter "A".

We'll chamber the first two "V" rifles in 220 Swift and 25-06 and then keep the 25-06 in the lineup and cataloged for nearly 40 years. I have one and like it but a 25-06 in a "V" really is just too much free recoil for a dedicated varmint rifle.

Of course I guess I they hadn't made all of the odd ball decisions some of us wouldn't have had rifes to hunt for and buy. ;-)


Jan 4, 2010
I was a silhouette shooter back in those days; most of the ranges out west would not allow magnum calibers. They tore up the targets.