Whoopeee!! We're all gonna die!!!

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Mar 10, 2022
The "Prepper" movement went from a few to millions within years, to the point where we now see ads for prepper products on mainstream media.

1) Up until about ten years ago the weather weenies weren't predicting possible power outages with every thunderstorm. The grid was originally designed for 1/3 the current population and 1/5 the usage. Yes, there have been upgrades, but only where there have already been failures and in major population centers. However, despite what that idiot Dennis Quaid said on Tucker's podcast, if the grid goes down 90% of folks will probably be fine- for at least awhile...

Thanks to our own stupidity and greed we will be running out of water at some point. Only 0.7% of all of the planet's water is both accessible and potable. Look at the Southwest. They are ripping out turf to conserve water, Mead and Tahoe are both dropping to scary levels, as will the Colorado River soon enough. There are VERY stringent water laws in place there. The prediction is that in 10 years or so about 1/3 of the planet's population will not have enough water.

The dollar is on the verge of being tossed as the World Reserve prime currency. Got gold, silver, and copper?

There's always a good shot at another pandemic, especially with both over-population and quick travel.

The possibility of civil unrest is certainly a possibility lately ( Though I think at this point there is a lot of burnout on the subject.

Earthquake of mass destruction? Pretty far down on the list.

My precious metals are copper, lead and brass. Good for bartering and "other" tasks