Where can I find detailed P90 info?

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Jul 16, 2009
Orange, Ca
The stock manual has a pretty good exploded view, but is there another one which can be printed out larger?

Also - any videos to show assembly/disassembly? I can futz around and tear the thing apart, but would like to see how the trigger mechanism works and how to take it apart completely for cleaning (maybe 1ce a year).

I found all this stuff for my Beretta's, but can't find for the P90.

BTW: My respect for that gun grows every day. I bought it cause it was inexpensive, and loved the feel of it and WANTED a .45. I'll NEVER get rid of it. And bought it NEW this year!!!

Little did I know what a sweet trigger it has and that it is MORE accurate then I am!!! I love outshooting the guys with their $1200 1911's. Course they can't shoot at all, so it's not hard.... :) But they sure talk the talk.
I'm just talking about the typical dude at the indoor ranges I've seen.... Not trying to start a ruckus here... :)

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