Where are the collectors?

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Snake Pleskin

Mar 26, 2022
Aiken, South Carolina
I totally agree with you Dave.
I agree. Younger people are transitioning away from "things" to "experiences", . I am not sure that is a bad thing. Too many people caught up in their "material" things miss out on what is really important in life, other people and living life. Remember , it is not how many days you have in your life, but how much "life" you have in your days! IMHO


May 22, 2017
An interesting discussion. I'm 64, and a hunter. I have collected an accumulation. I stared a small collection of Old Model Ruger's, and am trying to get each caliber and barrel length. I have two calibers left to find, and their associated barrel lengths. A few of my thoughts;
In my area, often gun prices are stupidly ridiculous. People asking top dollar or more for 60% or less guns. Sometimes I want to ask; "Do you really want to sell it, or, are you just proud you own it?" I'm not interested in wasting my time dickering with a moron.
Tactical, I hate that word! I think tactical has spoiled the interest in fine guns, and the artistry of guns. Even the Gyunsmithing/Parts dealers have gone nuts on tactical. Tactical, tactical, tactical... screw that word and the GI Joe wanna be's that push the macho mindset crap. A lot of these macho types are likely bullies, or will be a puddle of tears when push comes to shove. Tactical...Who cares!
Not interested in auctions on line, I want to look at and handle what I'm interested in. I hate buying stuff on line, though I know its becoming the future.
Online, Classic firearms are being sold by the part, i.e. ebay... OMG! How many cool old guns have been reduced to being scattered to the 4 winds?
Steel Shot was the demise of many perfectly fine old shotguns. Forced obsolescence.
Gunsmiths, on average a dying breed.
Ammo Cost and Availability...what is this all about. You can barely afford to buy to shoot, if you can even find it.
Well, I likely have a thought or two to add, but, getting old and can't remember. And does it really matter anyway?
Dec 2, 2021
Well, here is a new collector (relatively new, started 3 years ago). Now that I am retired I am really enjoying the collecting and displaying of Rugers. I do it out of pure enjoyment. I worked hard all my life (with some good success) and now I am having fun. I am not worried about the value of my collection down the road, I am living now.
I have a complete collection of brass grip frames (old models and some OA's), a nice start on factory nickel plated guns (6 for now) and a really nice assortment of lightweights. The guns that I cherish the most are the ones that have a verifiable story to tell. My research put me in touch with Ruger people that I would have never had the pleasure of communicating with otherwise.
I displayed in Boise, ID, Ogden UT, Tulsa, OK and am working on the next dispaly now. It is fun, challenging, entertaining and exciting all at once. I even have my wife interested, we are going to gunshows together.... WOW.
As a new collector I have to say, that the hardest part is finding these special Ruger's that are packed away in safes somewhere in the country. Some of these guns don't see daylight for decades. I am grateful to those fine collectors that understand the need to share their knowledge as well as guns with new collectors coming into the hobby. Without that support and encouragement I maybe collecting something completely different or nothing at all.
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Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
"A lot of newer folks do not know what Rugers are collectable..."

As our old friend "FlatGate" used to say; "Buy the books & read the books!"

I'll add that it's easy to learn what to look for by the books AND by coming here,, or going to Ruger collecting shows.

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