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Jan 14, 2023
monee, Illinois
Yeah I went full size. I'm deciding between a nitrous fully rebuilt Police Interceptor Explorer, a Medium/Heavy truck or a M109 motorcycle with a Glamper to tow around.
Built a ton of model cars of all types in the late '50's and '60's. 45 record player with Beach Boys, Jan&Dean, Ripcords, Ventures etc. What a great time!

Remember the Big T models and the green pages in Hot Rod?

At times wish I could go back.


Oct 21, 2013
In my spare time, I guess I enjoy being a p...
I write lots of FOI request, letters it the Judicial Inquiry Board, letters to my (I say that loosely) representatives and I save all my plastic bags for when I drive through towns that started charging or outlawing people from using them I throw them our the window.

I'm in the crowd that just wants to be left the .. alone, I want the OLD original America back.
I've made peace with my God.


Dec 4, 2021
My first 4x4 was a '69 FJ40! Back when Toyota bought their inline 6's from Chevy, I think it was 235 CI. And 3 on the tree. Wish I had a picture of it. I've got pics of both of my '78 IHC Scouts but those were also a long time ago. In fact, I sold the Landcruiser to help pay for my first (used) Scout in about 1980. Didn't sell the second Scout until around 1991.

My wife wants a new 4Runner but they are hard to come by these days. She's got a 2011 Rav4 now.


Edit: Weird coincidence... I looked over on the bookcase and saw a pile of old pics I had brought back from Colorado after my mom died and there was this one showing both my FJ40 and my first Scout. I had a Warn winch on the Landcruiser and was working on swapping the Scout's original bumper (leaning up against the house) for a winch bumper so I could move my winch to the new ride. I'm probably 19 there, in front of my parent's house that had no garage.
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Saw a real nice FJ45 yesterday!
Nov 30, 2022
Making holsters for my guns saves me a ton of money. Except for all the leather, tools, stains and supplies.


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Jun 14, 2009
I have too many hobbies and not enough jobs to support them. Hunting and shooting of course but I collect coins, old toys, shooting trad bows, making noise on my guitars and occasionally painting. I would love to have a nice garage with the correct tools to work on old cars. But would also need the mechanically ability to actually work on them. I keep hoping someone would take me under their wing to teach me mechanics. lol Most of my vehicles are considered antiques but that's not because I collect them, it's because I bought them new and never sell anything. lol


Aug 30, 2023
Spokane, Wa
Just curious. What other hobbies do you have besides gun related. Spare us the "What else is there?"reply. Being a Gemini (Personally I think astrology is a bunch ofTaurus! I turned 80 this late May) I have usually considered myself ajack of all trades, master of none. I don't know a lot about any onething (not a specialist), but a little about most things and if Idon't I know where to go...Google it!
For a couple of years now, I have beenworking on family history/ancestry/family tree/genealogy kinda ofthing. By the way, when your financial services ask for your mother'smaiden name, ask for a different question (ex.: first pet's name) asit is way too easy to find out your mother's maiden name!
Genealogy can be fun and frustratingall at the same time, starting with a name. Why do parents name theirchildren such formal names and then end up calling them by theirnicknames? As for the last name, it gets harder to find outancestors, especially if they name their offspring by the same nameas theirs. George Foreman for example, he has sons, Jr. III, IV, V,with nicknames of Big Wheel, Red and Little Joey. Two of hisdaughters have a middle name of George and one name Georgetta. But Idigress.
Being of Latin, Spanish, Mexican(whatever) ancestors, it gets very difficult. One of my extendedfamily ancestors had the surname (last) name of "de la Cruz". Hadto look it up that way, then "dela Cruz" and finally, "Cruz".It gets even more complicated, but don't let me turn you off to allthis, when I find some legal documents like certificates of birth,baptism, marriage, death, etc. it can be quite rewarding, I usuallyshout out 'EUREKA'! Those documents might have important dates,parents names and locations. When I find out something, I feel like adetective who just found out a clue to my next discovery. That isrewarding to me. I have hit a dead end in my own direct lineage onlybeing able to go back to my great grandmother who was born in AZTerritory. However, a family tree can be huge, with many branches. Mywife started to track her relatives, but she soon passed away afterstarting. So for our son and granddaughter's sake, I began lookingher family up. I got as far back as one of her ancestors arriving inNorth America in 1620, no, not the Mayflower, but the shipafterwards. Those family members later migrated up to Nova Scotia andtheir records were published in a local newspaper. An editorcollected all that info and published a book about that familybranch. I found this obscure book in a Family Center of the Church ofthe LDS. Not a member, just go there to do research on theircomputers which has a free account to Ancestry, My Heritage andseveral other genealogical web sites. Anyway, my wife's family can betraced back to Fowry, England where I glanced at many records there.Some day, I may dive into that family branch, but in the meantime, Ido have other hobbies to pursue: Recently joined a coin/currencyclub. Working in Reno casinos, I was fortunate enough to collect asmall treasure of Morgan Silver Dollars including one minted inCarson City, other silver coins and tokens. In addition, a great manyolder amount of bills like silver certificates, others with red andeven brown seals, an error $1 bill that was double stamped on theback with the front image. From WWII bills stamped with "HAWAII"both front and back which was to prevent the Japanese from floodingthe market with counterfeit currency. Recently ran into a man who wasgiving out $100 bills, as a joke, that looked almost real, but hadBank of China on it. I guess we all collect different things. Howabout 1st editions of magazines? Sports Illustratedpremier issue from the 1950's I bought for 25 cents. I have seenoffers as high as $300, but I am saving for my son and g'daughter. Ithink the thrill is in the collecting for me, rather than rewardingmyself financially. Another hobby of mine, might be reading,collecting trivia. Remember knowledge is power!
So what hobbies do you have? ...andyes, I do have a small collection of a dozen firearms.
I ride bike and make soap. I used to sell pot for a hobby but now I'm trying to stay clean.


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Mar 18, 2023
I ride bike and make soap. I used to sell pot for a hobby but now I'm trying to stay clean.
I enjoy street rods. I have a 36 chevy 5 window coupe. And a 2007 corvette Callaway, Z51,custom. I play a little guitar. At 76 y.o. i will never be an Eric Clayton but at least I can work out the arthritis in my fingers.
Be safe
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Oct 22, 2012
DFW Area, Texas
When I worked at a large family owned Chevy store along I35 north of Dallas but south of Denton, the '96 Grand Sport came out. We had a customer buy two at once (when a special Corvette was only $50K). For a long time (and maybe still), I had the hang tag with the bubble package fuse to install during PDI for this car only. Wonder if I still have it? "Normal" Corvettes didn't have the fuse to install during make ready as I remember.

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