What's the best way to order a Freedom Arms revolver?

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May 3, 2023
When I wanted a Freedom Arns .45 Convertible, I just emailed them and they gave me the ordering process

Then I bought a few Ruger .45 Convertibles and forgot about a Freedom Arms

If you're paying Freedom Arms money, you want it the way you want it and I'd honestly just call them. You're a customer looking to spend $$. I'd be like 20 months is unacceptable I'll just get a Ruger

I'm sure everyone knows this but for the 1 lurker who may not , Ruger (Pine Tree) makes the frames and I think some other parts for Freedom Arms, then Freedom fits and finishes everything so you're basically buying a custom Blackhawk. I'd never make use of that "laser aligned " chamber accuracy anyway and I'm perfectly satisfied with my Rugers.


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
The differences between the Rugers & the Freedom Arms,, (other than price) is HOW they are built.
I've been to FA,, seen them making the guns,, and they are hand built. Carefully fitted & worked over to give you one of the finest SA handguns you can buy.
The factory is not a big building,, or employing hundreds of people. They are a small business, and they take pride in building a top quality product.
I love my Rugers,, but when you compare them to my FA revolver,, you can see and feel the differences.
And if I do my part,, they are very, very accurate. Easily shooting 100 yds with excellent accuracy.