Whatever happened to cowboy boots?

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Mike J

Aug 5, 2007
Growing up I always thought of cowboy boots as having pointed toes. I had a few pairs of Tony Llama & Dan Post boots years ago. Over the years I wore them out. About 12-15 years ago I started using slip on work boots. I have had several pairs of the slip on Justin's with the squared off toes. I liked them fine for work. Had a pair of Dan Post work boots they were okay for a year & a half or so (about average for my work boots). The last time I bought a pair of work boots I had a hard time finding what I wanted. I could find the style I wanted but not my size. The newer Justin's I tried on weren't like the older ones I used to get. I finally wound up getting a pair of rounded toe Wolverines with steel toes (I don't like steel toes). They were what I could find in my size. They had some Wolverine boots, I think they called the Rancher I liked the way were made better but not my size.

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