What My Daughter Did On 9-11

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Sep 1, 2003
Richmond Texas USA
These are from a couple of post on my Daughter's Face Book Page.

From today
20 years ago our country was attacked. My memories from that day are still seared in my mind. I cry every time I think about 9/11 no matter what day it is. I get furious every time I think about our country being attacked. Do your part - defend our country either in or out of uniform; support survivors, families, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders; teach your children about 9/11. The history of today will never be erased. Never forget. Ever.

From 9-11-2013
12 years ago I was stationed in Norfolk, VA. I had already briefed and preflighted my helicopter for a 9:30 am takeoff for a training flight. The towers were hit, and my flight was put on hold. All commercial and general aircraft were grounded; only the military was allowed to fly, and that took special permission. The President directed the Norfolk aircraft carriers to steam north to protect the coast, but they didn’t have their aircraft or air wing personnel on board. Besides the alert jets that scrambled, I was one of the first aircraft in the air. I took off at 12:15 to transport the personnel that were required to land the air wing’s aircraft. The carriers hadn’t made it to New York by then, but they were going as fast as they could. Shortly after the personnel were onboard, they started to land their aircraft. I spent the next three long days flying personnel and cargo to the carriers off the coast of New York City. We were barely off the coast and the sight was horrific. Plumes of ash and smoke were enormous, ominous, and saddening. It will never leave my mind. Two and a half months later, I deployed to the Persian Gulf for the second time.
Today I’m in Washington DC where 9/11 is still pretty raw. The Pentagon is whole again, but you can still see its scar because the brick color doesn’t match perfectly. A gentleman that I work with in the office was in the Pentagon when the plane hit. Luckily he was on the opposite side. I pass the Pentagon on my way to and from work each day. This morning I was really hoping to see the monstrous American flag hanging down its side as a tribute and warning.
I don’t care what your political views are on the War on Terror, but we can never forget being attacked on our homeland, ever. God be with our troops who have fought and still fight, their families, and our country.
Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
I wish that I could personally thank each that went above and beyond during those trying days. CW4 Bill Ruth was one of those lost at the Pentagon. I had the pleasure of knowing and flying with him. Never forget.