What jobs have you held?

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Jan 13, 2022
I graduated high school in 1989. Went to college for 3 days & dropped out, not for me. 1990 I started working in industrial NH3 refrigeration until I got tired of the rat race in 2008. Started working at a local Yamaha shop in 08 until 2010. In March of 2010 The town I was raised in was building a new wastewater treatment plant & needed help. I went to an interview & was hired on the spot, went to work that afternoon & been there ever since.
I've done a lot of side job work. Electrical, building barns, sheds, brush hogging, tilling garden spots for folks, spreading gravel on driveways etc.. My dad was a lineman for 34 years, my grandpa was a supervisor at a local electric company for 36 years. Don't know why I didn't go into that field, mostly cause I hate being a ground probably...
Jan 8, 2012
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Hmmm - interesting thread.
worked Saturdays at a car wash when in high school
worked at the meat packing plant (where my dad worked) for 4 summers of college
t-shirt screen printing shop
golf course maintenance (fairway mower) most fun summer I remember
garden center asst. manager
landscape designer for nursery
landscape architect at urban engineering firm
land planner at residential architecture firm
director at residential architecture firm
fired & retired :cool:

Oh, yes there are stories. Also two bachelor's degrees and several state licenses to practice landscape architecture.
Feb 20, 2008
NW Ohio
Delivering newspapers.
Lawn mowing at a local arboretum.
Two summers working at my uncle's construction business as a teenager.
After high school got a job at a Chrysler stamping plant. I was an assembler putting together torque converter stators.
Laid off and worked in a stone quarry loading trucks and rail cars.
My final job was at a metal producing plant. I held various positions but ended my working career as a metallographer in the physical testing lab.
Retired in 2019. Or so I thought.
Now I work for my wife!


Jul 10, 2003
Started a landscape company two days after I graduated college (march 1977). Sold it last year after 46 years. Started an equipment rental company in 1989, still own it. Started a small 2 acre you pick blueberry farm in 2010, still doing it.
Oh heck. Now I want to go out and get some blueberries. Fresh picked are the best. :love:


Dec 3, 2021
Worked at 2 different service stations during and after high school
House construction for about a year
Been fixing forklifts one dealer 15 years and currently 24 years at this company
Just turned 60
Oct 24, 2007
As a kid, did yard work, shoveled snow, etc.
Worked on a custom hay baling crew.
Worked in a pizza joint.
Worked at a gas station.
Worked in an auto body shop . . . enjoyed that. Became pretty good at painting in the old days of lacquer and enamel.
Tried a little college. Not for me.
Got a job as an engineering department clerk/gofer.
Became a draftsman in the days of paper and pencils.
Moved up to design draftsman.
Moved up to product designer.
Spent the next forty years or so as a designer of industrial equipment for several firms, making the transition from pencil and paper to CAD.
Went back to work as a contract designer.
Retired again.
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Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
Prior to joining the military I had a number of jobs.
My were first paying job was wheeling oysters from the wharf, where the boats unloaded the days catch, into the oyster house.
Worked summers at a beach calling bingo.
Worked in the mill and joiner shop for John Trumpy & Sons yacht builders in Annapolis..
Worked at Broward Marine in Ft Lauderdale FL
Sold Britannica Encyclopedias
Was a Fuller Brush man
Sold and repaired Singer sewing machines
Was a used car salesman
Was a route driver for a B.F.Goodrich tire dealer.
Worked for Briggs & Co. meat packers
Then I spent the next few years wearing Army green (1959-1997)
Then I managed the office for Alcoholics Anonymous, that covered two Counties, for 12 years.
I am now officially RETIRED


Nov 9, 2007
Fort Collins, CO
In order, as far as I can remember:
House construction, on crew that built next door neighbors house
Salesman, than manager of a gun shop
Assembly line worker
Newspaper photographer
Sports writer for weekly newspaper
Photo editor for campus newspaper
Free lance photographer
Manager of another gun shop
Copy machine tech
Transcriptionist for unemployment hearings
Radiologic Technologist, retired after 30 years.


May 21, 2017
As a kid I baled hay, trained horses and worked as a blacksmith.
Joined the Army at 17.
Police Officer
Miltary Contractor
Small Business Owner (Farrier/Horse Trainer)
Gloriously retired


Apr 9, 2010
Farm kid and yard mower until graduation from high school.
Worked for Hardwick Etter one summer helping move equipment from one cotton gin to another.
Pumped gas, washed cars, and repaired flats on everything from bikes to split-rim truck tires at an Exxon station while going to college.
Got a degree in Radio/TV Broadcasting in college and found out there were other ways to starve to death than working in radio. :cry:
Worked for Texas Power and Light on a transmission crew for three years. Got fired from that gig because I got crossways with a supervisor. Lots of nepotism/politics involved in that one.
Worked for the Univ. of Texas at Dallas as a non-commissioned guard and was about to go through their police academy to be a full-time officer when fate stepped up.
Went to work for GTE in 1982 as an installer /repairman which turned into a 33-year career. GTE/Contell/Verizon mergers were their own little special hell and with the Frontier buyout and some serious changes coming when they took over, I retired in 2016.
Been retired 8 years now and my new job is going to every doctor in the world to try to fix all the stuff I worked through while chasing a paycheck. 🥴

Jack Ryan

Aug 21, 2012
Lawn care, life guard, short order fry cook, motorcycle mechanic, machinist, health and safety inspector, statistics collector/analyst, powerhouse engineer, millwright, forklift operator, auto assembly, helicopter engine assembly
Oct 20, 2022
First job was as a ride operator at Magic Mountain. I was a big guy so I got to help with security too if someone got squirrely. That was one summer and one of the best times I'd ever had. Work all day and hang out until closing. Lasted one summer.

Next was working the counter in the camera dept at a big box store. Was a part time gig but I got married young , dropped out of college ( pre-med) went full time and became department manager. Then the store went bankrupt.

Started the process to become a LA County Sheriff deputy. My goal was to become a sniper for SWAT. I was a dang good long range shot back then. But I found out my wife was pregnant with our first and I abandoned that prospect.

Started working for Pep Boys Auto and rapidly advanced to manager. Had my 15 minutes of fame when the store I worked at burned down and I was the last one out after making sure there was no one else inside. I was interviewed on TV. That career lasted 13 years, and took me from California to Utah. I became disgruntled with the hours and pay and quit.

Moved back to California to work at a Dodge dealership, in the service dept. This was the best paying job I've ever had. Most stressful too. Ended up becoming shop foreman. Finally couldn't stand the stress and other California BS…

Took a job at a Chevrolet/Jeep dealership in Central Oregon. Service dept again, but much better atmosphere. That lasted for a few years until the owner passed away and his wife and daughter ran it into the ground. I ended up quitting and shortly after that both Jeep and Chevrolet pulled their franchises and they went under.

Got a job at Ford in the service dept. moved into parts and became parts manager. But the crash in 2008 hit the dealership hard and I was laid off. Owner's kid took my job.

Opened my own shop building hot rods, custom Jeeps, and doing metal fab like roll cages and such. Lots of LS swaps. Being a 1 man show I couldn't take that much work, I made enough to pay our bills but never got close to being rich.

Took a part time job to supplement my business income- I was a parts driver for Baxter Auto Parts. This also got me a great discount on parts for my business…but after about 10 months they decided that with my background they wanted me to assume management duties on a drivers pay- and work weekends. I time them where to put it.

About a year or so after I was laid off, the Ford dealer wanted me back. I agreed to work as a consultant- my hours my business. That gave me enough time to do my own business and also make a guaranteed paycheck.

In 2020 after COVID hit, the Ford dealer lost a ton of business and couldn't afford me any more. Also, my own business really dropped off…and then my Mom passed away. She left me me an inheritance so after much thought and consulting with my investment guy- I retired.

Now I play with my Jeep and my guns and annoy my wife, who works from home.
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Nov 29, 2022
Vancouver Washington
In the mid 1960's worked a few summers packing fireworks. In 1968 I had a bunch of junk cars to get rid of and met a fellow to haul them away. Wound up working for the guy for a few years and started a 56 year friendship with him. In 1970 I went to work in a bakery for a year and a half. Quit the bakery job and went back working for my wrecking yard friend and worked part time shuttling cars around the Bay Area for Hertz Rent a Car. In 1975 went to work in another bakery for 5-years. Quit the bakery and went back to work at my friends wrecking yard for another 1-1/2 years. In mid 1981 I moved to Washington State and went to work for a wrecking yard for 32 years as the engine mechanic. retired in 2013. I still talk to my friend who owns the wrecking yard. WE wind up talking about all the fun we had, the girls we----and which of our friends has recently passed away. My wrecking yard friend started his business in 1953 at the age of 11 and still runs it 5 days a week at the age of 81. He has now in his 70th year in business.



Mar 17, 2024
Olympic Peninsula
Lots of farming, military, and automotive backgrounds here!
Automotive for me,
Age 14-18 pumping gas (full serve!) wash windows, check oil, ect,
Quarter of college, that sucked. Worked at an auto parts store in Olympia Wa. 15 months.
Parents bought an Auto Parts store on the Peninsula in 1985. Worked for them 25 years, last 15 we were a Carquest store.
NAPA loaned me the $$ to buy them out in 2009. Paid the store off 2 years ago, have awesome employees, so now I just fish & play with guns!!



Dec 4, 2021
Age 18: Bus Boy in a dinner club
Age 19: Counter worker at McDonald's & College Student.
Age 20: Night Manager at McDonald's (Married & 1 child)
Age 22: US Army (Trained as an "Armorer" but worked OJT as a Remington Raider (clerk).
Age 24: Pet store worker & College Student
Age 23: Pet Store Manager
Age 24: Title records searcher
Age 30 Title Officer (Real Estate) = Various positions and companies.
Age 36: Chief Title Officer, Record Title, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA
Age 38: Advisory Title Officer, Investor's Title, Los Angeles, CA
Age 42: Unemployed (6 months) & Expert advisor (court certified) on real estate practices in CA.
Age 43: Day Labor (installing air conditioners)
Age 44: College Student and part-time hunting guide (CA Guide License #134)
Age 46: BS, Marine Biology, cum laude, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA
Age 46 (August): Teacher's Aid, Jungle Ecology Course, Belize & Guatemala, Central America
Age 46 (Sept): Graduate Student California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA & part-time hunting guide.
Age 47: Substitute teacher, CA
Age 48: MS with Distinction (e.g magna cum laude), California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA & part-time hunting guide
Age 49: Natural History interpreter, Los Angeles County Parks, Los Angeles, CA
Age 49 1/2: Fish and Wildlife Biologist, (GS-9) US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Sacramento, CA
Age 50 1/2: Fish and Wildlife Biologist, (GS-11) US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Sacramento, CA
Age 52: Fish and Wildlife Biologist, (GS-12) US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Central Washington Field Office, Wenatchee, WA
Age 54: Chief, Habitat Restoration, and Endangered Species Recovery Branch (Fish and Wildlife Biologist, (GS-12) US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Central Washington Field Office, Wenatchee, WA. Supervised: Listing and Recovery, Partners for Wildlife, Hydropower Licensing, Federal Grants, Sykes Act program (Department of defense coordination)
Age 60: Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist (GS-12) US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Central Washington Field Office, Wenatchee, WA
Age 71: Retired. Making bee houses for solitary bees, various outreach programs as a volunteer.

Oh, at about age 12 or 13, I started helping my grandfather building rentals on his property. Also, made and sold Christmas candles door to door at about age 10.


Dec 10, 2002
Crossville, TN, USA
I was an exotic dancer for a while. But my ears started hurting from all the screaming NO NO NOOOOOOO GET OFF THE STAGE.
Found out I don't like the taste of pepper spray or nightsticks.

But I was a retail alcohol manager for most of my adult life. And a bunch of different retail stores experiences.:D
(That last paragraph is true)

How about "daystic..." Nah... Too obnoxious, even for me.

Okay, I'm just going to edit on to this thread and answer...
MD, Early 70's
Prep slave at a body shop
Bin monkey at a Ford dealership parts dept
Laborer for construction co
Moved to TN, Mid 70's
Laborer for flat roof co
Laborer building log cabins
Clerk at grocery store
Dish washer at Pancake joint
Stocker at Dept store
Dish washer at Steak house
83-06 US Navy for the next 23 years
CT, Mid 80s
PT Pizza Delivery
Part time Gun Store Clerk
VA 2000s
Part time Tax preparer
Hardware Store gun counter clerk
Defense Contractor
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