What does Ruger and Sig have in common?

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Jul 14, 2007

The new P238 has a MANDATORY Safety Upgrade, apparently the safety lever is not machined to spec and can not engage properly, it won't fire with the safety "almost on" but once you disengage the safety the Hammer can fall causing an AD.

No injuries reported, and as far as we all know, nothing of the sort with the LCP or SR9 either. Ruger took the initiative after their own testing to find issues with design or manufacture, as Sig has done with it's newest pistol the P238. The only difference is that Sig says it's from out of spec parts, Ruger redesigned a few parts in both guns. Either way, both of which shouldn't have happened on either one.

Link to Sig Product Alerts

No mention of free Mags or even a Hat with the "Upgrade", they're also not calling it a recall.

I happen to like the P238, though I haven't gotten to hold one yet, but am turned off by the pricetag, LGS is over $500.



Mar 9, 2008
Manitowoc, WI
Sig, IMHO, usta be alot like Ruger...you got what you paid for & thensome; could count on them to stand by their product(s)...

Now...maybe not so much (as evidence see the initial reviews of their 226 22lr conversion; there was NO REASON that product had the problem(s) it did, while Sig sat back).

And I say that owning both.

"To Hell & Back Reliability" used to mean just that...now it's like those in Exeter are like "meh..."

My newest Sig is a circa 2007 Platinum Elite model, and "should", if you believe the interweb (HA!), have been built around the time problems started with Sig/quality control, but I musta got lucky, 'cause it's one of the best guns I own, to date. I say this having shot other, newer ones....the quality sure isn't the same...least not to this shooter. And that's bull when you're laying out $1000 or better...

I understand, even expect, quirks in most lesser priced items; not just guns, still believing you (should) get what you pay for. That's why I still own Ruger & Sig, both, 'cause I think (for the most part) you do...but it's sad when you have to "hunt" for a "good" specimen.
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
My Ruger Charger was doing the same thing... if you pulled the trigger with the safety on and then flipped the safety off the hammer would fall and if a round was in the chamber it would go bang.

Now I have to admit I put an aftermarket hammer in that was cut to finer tolerances and this is what caused the problem. The problem I have is I've put the same hammer is other trigger groups... in 10/22s and it did not cause a problem.. the real problem is the tolerances between the safety pin and sear are just too loose on the Charger.

The problems with the Sig P238 go right along with the whole design of the gun... just look at it.. I think they hired someone from Glock to design it.... another 'shoe box' gun.


Aug 31, 2005
Bullet Puller":1lyvrc09 said:
SR40 you said....... ooooooooooo I wishhhhhhhhhh, I`ll be the first one to buy it.

Well, if they don't get it right by the SR40 maybe they will by the SR45!
Wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking ... since some of the SR9's are battering themselves to death as it is. I doubt there'll be an even HIGHER pressure round in the exact same design. It would have been done already if it was going to happen, as easy as it would be to swap a mag and barrel. They first have to resolve the horrible trigger pull, and get the SR9 peening issues resolved.

I think it's also unlikely that there will be an SR45 at all. I wouldn't be surprised to see an SR40 MKII, which would correct the existing problems with the SR9's. More likely that the SR9 will be the only gun in that platform, though. A total redesign is more likely, IMO.