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Sep 13, 2013
A long way from heaven and far too close to Chicag
Dave P. said:
Selena said:
. Just give me a hint on your point. Otherwise I be forced to believe all guys named Dave need help in the bathroom.

Basically they're ( as a group ) no brighter than a cross section of humans in general.
Maybe worse in some respects.
Part of how I make a living involves machining and fabrication of prototype or very
small run parts. I get to work with engineers almost daily. Let's just say not all
of the fancy CAD designs work in the real world.
I don't type well, or have the time to tell all the stories.....I should have wrote a book.

OK, so your complaint isn't really with the profession as the specialization. The people I've learned to call engineers not only design the systems but have (had) the skills and willingness to build them. I suspect what you are calling engineers I would call designers and what I am calling engineers you would call techs or mechanics. Let's just write this one off as cultural differences and move on with our opinions intact.

Rick Courtright

Mar 10, 2002
Redlands CA USA

There have been many engineers in my family over the years. I won't go into how brilliant they were or weren't, how much or little common sense they had, or even their sense of humor which was usually rather dry and generally way beyond most of the folks out there. Trying to paint them with a broad brush is a waste of energy. Mostly because all of the above are all over the chart. Some were rather disappointed that I didn't follow in their footsteps and go into the engineering field.

My feelings aren't hurt, though: I'm the only one of them who's ever driven a train! ;)

Not everyone has the same abilities, or has had the time to learn certain things others have been blessed to do. Some are fortunate enough to meet someone who's willing to teach them things they don't know, rather than snipe at their perceived shortcomings. With that, keep up the good work, Bob!

Rick C

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