Went to the shooting range today...

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Mar 2, 2022
Back in Feb and Mar I purchased two used firearms, a New Ruger Single Six .22LR/.22Mag. and a BHP C77 9mm.
Back in the early 60's I purchased a Single six, but I gave it to my oldest son and ever since I did, I have been missing that gun. It was fun to shoot. The new one was pretty much the same, although it took me 30 rds. to become accustomed to it. The next 20 rds were spot on with my ability at my advanced age. So, I was very happy with the accuracy. One thing I disliked however and I don't remember if I had this problem with the old one. Whenever I pushed on the ejector rod, the face where my finger pushe seemed smaller and maybe a little harder to push on/back. I put on my left handed shooting glove to help. Perhaps the spring needs more cleaning or replacing. Anyways, like I said, very happy with it and since I prefer .22Mag as a frequent/inexpensive shooting round when I am in the desert I think I will be going out more frequently.
I already have a BHP Mk. III , but one can never have enough of those classics even if they are used as they seem to be very sturdy for such an old designed gun. It took me three magazines of ammo (13 rds./mag) before I settled down and started getting used to it. The last two mags I shot were right on target. So, I was very happy with this choice as well, even if was overpriced. My two BHP's are my favorite pistols to shoot.


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Sep 18, 2002
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Anytime you get to burn a little powder & throw some lead downrange,, it's pleasant.

Your Browning HP, truly a classic design. Sadly,, I had to pay a lawyer bill long ago,, and was broke enough to where he took my Belgium one as payment.

The Single-Six,, great guns & truly a modern classic. The ejector rod buttons haven't changed much since they were introduce. (The very early ones were different,, but they haven't changed in many, many years.) Those smaller buttons are used to keep from looking too big on the gun.
There are some aftermarket Colt styled ones out there,, as well as some others if you wish a larger one.

But it does sound as if you had a good time & that's all that matters.
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