Well Now That We Are Talking About Food & Eating

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Sep 1, 2003
Richmond Texas USA
Hey Guys,

Here is a very easy and fairly inexpensive way to feed a few or a bunch of friends.

In Virginia they call it "A Low Country Boil" in Texas we just call it a "Shrimp/Crawfish Boil" :D :D

Anyway about 5# 25-30 ct. shrimp, 5# red potatoes, frozen corn or fresh, 3-5# precooked sausage. This will feed around 15. The price of shrimp has come down since there is a lot of farmed raised shrimp now. You can also get it all year long. H E B grocery store,a Texas store, has 18-20 Ct. Gulf shrimp now for $5.00 per #. That is about equal to buying it with the heads on for $2.75#

Get out your gas burner and big pot. Fill it 3/4 full add some liquid crab boil and any other seasoning ya want Old Bay works fine. When it comes to a boil add the taters and sausage. When ya think they are about done add the Shrimp and corn. Corn should only boil for 2 mins.any longer and you cook out the sugar and ya leave the starch. About the same time for the Shrimp, any longer and the peeling will stick and they will be over cooked and rubberereee, ya that's my word for it. :(

This is just about the easiest way I know to feed a pack of friends.
Put a bunch off newspapers on the table and eat around the table or use paper plates. When finished roll everything up and throw in trash. Now set back and drink more beer. You deserve it after all that work :D :D

The women like it because there is no get ready or clean up. Hell they don't even need to clean the house. Just keep everybody outside. OK they do have to use the bathroom after the beer. :roll: :roll:
This was last June at My Son's Change of Command
Son cooking, me eating. He cooks good I eat better.



Some of the hungry mob

Jeff Hoover

Feb 25, 2009
:D I agree !!!! :D Lifes pleasures, Good friends, food, family.

Hey Flatgate, how about a Ruger Recipe section ?

george preston

Aug 22, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
This is one of my favorite meals to cook for friends and family! Down here in Florida we add onions and mushrooms to the mix. Instead of using crab boil, I like to use old bay, bay leaves, a few beers, and a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce in my pot. Bring it to a boil, add taters….wait 20 mins then through the rest in except the shrimp. Wait 5 min then add them. Turn off the heat and let it stand for about 5 min more then dump it out on the table and chow down! Every now and then I'll through some mud bugs in. I love um, wife…not so much


Aug 20, 2006
soda springs, idaho
Now we're talking, you can see Jim is prepared for the stampede, he's got a big old fence around the place to keep them out! :D
Sounds like a wonderful meal Jim, I'll fix you up with the taters, they start digging next week, I'll eat french fries, (hate to call them that, should be freedom fries!) :wink: until I'm ready to explode, they give you all the freedom fries you can eat when you're buying several sacks of taters, yum! :eek: