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Dec 25, 2007
I guess one could call it a DIY 15. AnyHoo, I started on a mission to replace the EDC AR15 lost in the shop fire with one a bit lighter and handier. Nothing fancy and in fact, the plainer/cheaper, the better was my plan since the very nature of the rifle's use will be rough and tumble full time exposure to the elements and darned little care. The other requirement is adequate accuracy to put a bullet on a coyote beyond 300 yards with a good hold.
Based on a 'billet' 80% lower(no finish) with a closed trigger guard(for increased stiffness) and a generic LPK and hand selected FCG for a more user friendly trigger pull. The trigger came out around 5# and may improve or may get replaced with an upgrade FCG. The upper is more of a junk yard dog parts collection. From CDNN came the pencil profile supposedly Bushmaster pinned gas block barrel and common 2 piece plastic handguard. Not sure where the BCG came from but it's nitrided and probably a 'BLEM' on sale. Charge handle is a 'blind box special' on sale and the buttstock is the el-cheapo option from XYZ Co (on sale of course). Flash hider is another on sale item that does look pretty decent. No effort made to 'color match' anything(no surprise, right?). The scope is a 'Marcool' 1-6x24 budget special but clear and I really like the reticle.
Today was test fire day. Action is as should be, trigger is a bit heavier than hoped for(as noted it may get replaced with one that approaches 3# rather than 5+#) but it is safer with gloved hands. Ejection is right on the 3 o'clock spot about 3' out(possibly a little weak). The only hitch is a 1 in 4 failure to fully cycle. I feel this is due to tight BCG, stiff magazine, and ammo.
I used Hornady Steel Match 55 FBHP which I've found to cause an occasional short cycle even in fully broken in rifles. I'm not getting upset over this feed issue until the rifle has more break in time. Bore sited, two shots @ 30 yards to verify bore site, four shots @ 100 yards to fine tune zero, and a 3 shot cloverleaf to verify adjustments. Yes, a dime sized group. This bugger has potential well beyond what I expected. Given a little more break in to work out the feeding kinks and I think it's certainly a KEEPER.
I'll need to check but I'm fairly sure I have two more of these barrels laid back for a rainy day. Maybe I should keep better track of where I put them.