Well I guess it had to happen at some time

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Nov 30, 2022
I'm in the hospital right now with a severe lumbar region problem. The surgeon still has to evaluate the MRI to see what is going on. Started and has gotten worse over the past week so I kinda expect surgery. I have never had such pain in my life - never. Can't sit up orplay down without MAJOR pain. Gun shop has been closed for now until I get this taken care. Will tell the surgeon it needs to be fixed by the middle of January so we can go to Huntsville.

I'll be in and out on the Forum and will keep y'all in the loop. .

Boy it's he** getting old

Sorry to hear. Been fused from my pelvis to L3 18 years ago. I was staring down a barrel several times a week before the surgery.
Dec 8, 2005
Lemont, PA, USA 16851
A BIG (sorry, not BIG but HUGE) thank yous to all who have sent me their prayers, you really are GREAT friends to take the time to help someone who may only know by this great forum. This really shows that many people care about their fellow man and I know that I will probably never have a chance to thank all of you in person but let me tell you I cherish all the notes you sent. May God or whomever you look up to for guidance bless you in all your endeavors.