Two hunters shooting the same deer made me think

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Dec 25, 2007
Back in the late 70's we ran coyotes with dogs all winter with a group of good friends, cousins, in-laws, and such. I was among the younger generation and had considerable experience as a shooter so one day an older member stopped me along the road and said "I know this is a lot to ask but could you make sure that "Lee" kills a coyote the next time we're out?". We worked out how to get the deal done and let some of the others in on the project. The guy who asked me to help was to haul "Lee" around with me staying pretty close and the others were to 'guide' the coyote to a spot where "Lee" would be able to shoot while I was also able to have a clear line of fire. About mid-afternoon all the planets aligned and Mr. Yotie was loping across a harvested corn field. Lee was propped over a fence post on the far side of his driver's pickup and I was 2 fence posts away with my finger pulling 2.5# on a 3# trigger and leading the target just waiting for Lee's shot. Two or three of the others were watching from 1/4 mile away and said it sounded like a Pa-Boom with the first shot(Lee's) going well behind the coyote while the second rolled it up like a rug. I quickly shoved my rifle back in the pickup and went trotting out to recover the critter and catch the dogs. That was one of the last times Lee was able to go hunting and to his dying day was sure he'd made that shot and anyone saying otherwise was going to get the beating of his miserable life from 1/2 dozen tough old farmers.
Oddly, no one was really surprised that it worked. I got a couple of pats on the back and the satisfaction of making it happen. Over the years this scenario was replayed numerous times for older hunters who for whatever reason were losing faith in their ability.

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