Top Gun "Maverick"

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Mar 24, 2003
Port Republic, MD, USA
I have to chuckle at the comments about flying a helicopter. Funny,, but can be true. They do require a different set of skills for sure.
As a Huey crewchief,, I flew a lot. Then I entered college, for my Assoc Degree in Aviation. Part of the course was also fixed wing school, for my private pilot's license.
Flying a small fixed wing Cessna 150 or 152 was EASY compared to a Huey.
Since I was "invested" in flying at the time,, many of my unit's pilots,, and especially a GOOD pilot (CW4) allowed me bootleg stick time. I have around 40 hours at the controls of a Huey. (With a pilot backing me up as necessary.)
I did learn to hover,, a hard thing to do. And I got pretty decent at general flying. But,, I never got the real hard stuff thrown at me.
But you do have to be able to do different things all at one time to make a Helo fly as you wish.
But they sure are FUN!!!!!!!
Too bad I couldn't afford to continue flying after I left the military.

Coming out of flight school as a basic jet guy, the exigencies of the Viet Nam war put me in a Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron, rather than the F-4 squadron I was scheduled for. I got about 80 hours in UH-1's and 200 hrs. in the OV-10. Helicopters can be very interesting; the OV-10 is an aircraft simulator. It is such a dog you don't feel like you are in a real a/c. After 6 mo. of that, I finally got to start flying the F-4. That was fun!!
The first Top Gun movie had some cringe worthy moments, but overall, it was fun. I haven't yet seen Top Gun 2, but I expect a few cringe worthy moments, interspersed with some terrific flying scenes.


Jan 27, 2015
Have not seen the movie, but did see a short video on how they were able to use a combination of Val Kilmer's son's voice, which is extremely similar, and technology to recreate Val's voice for his role. His actual voice has been much affected by his past throat cancer battles.

Val Kilmer was really pleased with the result and hopes the same technological method can be used to get him back into future movie roles.

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