Three Guns, 4 Types Of Ammo And A Fun Time

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az
I decided to take my 3 .22s to the range today for some wringing out and sighting in.

I brought my Volquartsen ( Ruger ) Black Mamba, my S&W 617 and my Walther P 22. I shot CCI Velositors, Stingers Blazers and Standard Velocity and shot from 10 yards testing the functioning of the firing arms and their accuracy.




All three guns have fiber optic front sights and rear adjustables. Each has a different type of trigger with the Walther dialed in at 11 pounds DA, Smith set at 8 pounds and the Mamba breaking at 1 pound 7 ounces.

I'm thinking of using my P 22 as a backup carry gun so I wanted to test some HV ammo, using Velocitors and Stingers. They both worked 100 % while only shooting 20 rounds of each fodder. I also shot some Blazers which I thought would be too light but each one entered the center of the target.

I liked the Stingers the most do to the large fireball.

My 617 was hitting a little low and I had the rear sight adjusted to the max. When I got home I found a new Volquartsen rear sight that is much larger, so next week I'll re sight in. Groups were fantastic and this is my current Steel Challenge gun.

Lastly is the Black Mamba. I shot Blazers and Mini Mags from it. I fired 200 rounds without a failure making want to shoot that in the next match but I'm going to wait until I get 1000 rounds with no malfunctions from it before I use it in a match.

It was a fun day, I learned a lot and now I have some cleaning to do.
Dec 25, 2007
My experience with both Velocitors and Stingers in short barrels is basically lots of noise and unimpressive performance. Running several types of 22HP ammo through my SR22, I found the Velocitors/Stingers produced no more expansion than RWS or CCI sub-sonic HP which were much less obnoxious to shoot. Unfortunately, I discovered that my specific pistol wasn't 100% reliable with the sub-sonic ammo so went with my go to standard of Federal HVHP. Less expansion than the other types tested but 100% reliable.


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Mar 14, 2009
AzShooter1 said:
My 617 was hitting a little low and I had the rear sight adjusted to the max.
I'm not surprised. Your front sight looks quite high for a K22.

What's going on with that hammer? :?