Thousands of soldiers slapped with misleading criminal record

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Mar 27, 2003

“Soldiers and veterans say the Army's investigation of a now-defunct recruiting program left them with a criminal record even though they were never charged.”
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
It seems some time back, not sure 15-20 years?, the national guard started program that if you were a guardsman and talked a person into joining you would get $2,000... $1,000 when they signed up and another grand when they finished basic training... the army discovered years later that some folks used it as a scam... the video did not explain how... but it seems simple to me... sign up... and don't show up for basic... split the $1,000. the real problem is that when the investigators started looking into this they would contact folks via phone who got money for doing this and if they did not remember all the names of the folks they got to sign up then they got red flagged then when the CID closed the investigation.. all those red flags got moved to a pending arrest file..... what I don't get is how one being 'pending for arrest' is somehow causing them to lose their job as a police officer or anything else... it seems to me even if you are arrested for something, that does not mean you are guilty of anything... but then I seem to have lost track of the legal system these days.

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